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Sunday, January 9, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

Spent my first week of new year, 
well the night before coming back to KL spent my night having dinner with my parents at Rasa Nyonya
Its been a while since I've been there,
I remembered my parents used to take us here almost every weekend few years back.

We had the local Nyonya dishes and everything still tastes the same as before.
The fish is always fresh, and that night I tried out their recommended Sago Melaka dessert,
with chucks of papaya and nata de coco and jelly base, too bad it was too sweet to my liking.

After shopping a while at Tong Hing, I then headed to @tmosphere to catch up with my high school mates who came back from UK and also who is now a raising blogger,
 who started out blogging back in Form 4?
 If I remembered correctly :P
and of course, Denise :)

Picture courtesy of Chan

Well, this few days back, I had my classes resumed. 
5 more months of studies to be exact, which will pass by really fast.
Especially when I only have 3 days of classes a week, not to say I'm very free,
it means that I have more workload to do :(
So far I'm kinda enjoying my classes, but I knew it won't be easy either.
Currently, I'm really stressed out because I have so much things to worry about for these 5 months.

Anyways, I met up with Loh for dinner few days back.
Poor guy now is really sick, and he just came back from New Zealand.
Then we went to buy lingerie for his girlfriend, because he was too shy to go alone :P
last 30 minutes before pyramid closes, this is what he decided to get,
roughly on his mind he had this idea anyway.

Then, two nights back it was a laid-back Friday.
Technically, it always has been.
Spent the night hanging out with Mary and Leslie again,
it's been a while so we headed to Asia Cafe for dinner.

We had a lot of food :/ each one of us end up ordering one extra side dishes,
these are just a few. Amazing how we can eat so much :/
and then we went to McDonalds for supper.
Time passed by so quickly when you're enjoying, just chit-chatting away :)
Well, gotta go meet them up again now.

Will continue update real soon :)

Till Then.

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