Kota Kinabalu - Christmas 2011 - Sailor's Cafe , Boutique Cupcakes , Gaya Sport Restaurant , Old Town Cafe
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While everyone is busy doing a recap for what happened this entire year,
I am just gonna do a quick recap of the more happening things that happened for the past one week :)
Basically, it was on Christmas night,
we were invited to dad's friend's Christmas open house since we were going to have a planned family dinner the next day, thus we all decided to attend the party.

Apparently, it was not too bad :)
That night a lot happened. 
We had really delicious traditional christmas dinner prepared by a chef who worked at various hotels 
before such as Palace Hotel, Sutera Harbour and Shangri-La.
Currently, the chef is working for Tong Hing thus the food prepared was really, up to expectation.
Food like grilled lamb, turkey, mashed, pastas, cakes, red wines and etcs, the usuals.
Later on, santa made its appearance on a motorcycle and everyone was suprised especially the kids,
they actually ran to him to get their presents it was so funny.
Also, that night I learnt a new card game, called Crazy Fish War :p 
A card that my sis bought and it was simpler than Monopoly Deal but easy to play with so we played it to spend the night.

The next day was spent at a new restaurant that we tried out, Sailor's Cafe and it was our first time there.
I've heard of a few recommendations online and also from friends and relatives,
thus decided to try it out in order to celebrate our family Christmas dinner and my parent's (early) anniversary as we all won't be here.

The ambiance of the entire restaurant was really cosy, with a huge christmas tree decorated using teddy bears, pictures of the owner( ex sailor) journey to a lot of places and also a gift shop so you can actually buy your last minute gifts there :)

Apparently this shop was opened only 4 months + ago as off today, it's doing quite well,
thank god for early reservations, it was fully booked that night and a lot of people couldn't get their table and left instead.

Our food which tasted not bad at all,
pastas, fries,lamb shoulders, steak, ostrich burger, cajun chicken with rice
everything was not bad ;)
and priced reasonably.

Drinks - Fresh juices , Root Bear Float and 
Lychee something ;P

After dinner, we dropped by Boutique Cupcakes so I could take my pre-ordered cupcakes for dessert and also it was a surprise for my parents.

Decorated the dining table and everything, parents were really surprised and they looked really happy that night.

Look at the presentations, awesome no? :)

After two days of having western food for dinner, we decided to go for seafood dinner the next day instead of Little Italy,

Thus we went to our favourite seafood restaurant which is the Gaya Sport Restaurant and ordered the few usual dishes.
It was my first time trying their Tom Yam steam fish and it was different than I thought it was.
The herbs made the fish tasted really fragrant and yet its not spicy :)

and lastly,
thats the awesome fried dumplings that we had during dinner after mass ! 
it was real good ;)

Happy New Year 2011 !

Till Then!

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