Kota Kinabalu - Esprit Fashion Show and Canon Ixus 130!
Thursday, December 30, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Approximately 2 weeks ago, my mum and I was invited to the opening of Esprit at Suria Sabah.
Thus we went and have a look at the new shop there, there were a lot more choices of clothes compared to the other outlets, which leads to me getting myself a new dress for Chinese New Year :) early I know but it was something different, laces and all. Not exactly priced at its best though but heck, since it was the opening,
we're entitled for extra 25% on top of 10% off member's discount just for that night.
well if you know me well enough, you'll notice that 70% of the clothes I'm wearing everyday is from this shop,
and like some of you have always commented and asked where did I get my clothes from, its from Esprit :)

Anyways, that night, there was a fashion show for their newest clothes this season,
there were some winter jackets fashion because its winter season now, like duhhh.. and a few casual wears which in my opinion, some were really pretty and some was just plain normal.

and recently, dad got me a new point to shoot camera, as we got a really great deal off a camera fair held 3 weeks ago, and its time because DSLR is too heavy to carry around for my daily use and to fix the stabilizer issue for my sony camera would cost me at least RM400, if its fixable thus getting this camera seems like the wiser thing to do now.
If you haven't notice, pictures from the few previous posts was actually taken with this camera, 
and so far I'm loving what it can do. 
Totally loving it ! 

exactly this same color and one of its new feature was it comes with the fish eye lens ,
which I've yet to try, will try it on pretty soon I guess :)

I shall stop here,
next update coming up real soon! 

Wait for it!

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