Kota Kinabalu - Nyonya House, 1 Borneo
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This post is supposed to be about Nyonya House.
A newly opened Nyonya Restaurant at 1Borneo , if I'm not mistaken, 
the owner is a Malaccan.
The whole restaurant theme is focusing on Malacca's peranakan homes.
Basically you can get Nyonya dishes and local dishes here, to top everything with awesome desserts and kuih muih.

Awesome Melaka Ice Kacang that tasted good for dessert RM6!

BBQ Stingray - RM18 
This tasted as good too!

An authentic Nyonya dish recommended by the waiter.
It's called Jiu Hoo Char (RM10)
A type of veg, mixed with carrot, cuttlefish and chicken and mushrooms. 
It's something different I may say because the cuttlefish brings out the taste of the dish and the vege is fresh :)

Lastly, tried the one and only crab dish in this restaurant.
The Pineapple Flower Crab (RM22 for medium)
So you're tired with butter crab / tomato base crab, this is the next option you should go for.
Personally, this one taste better than any tomato base crab that I dislike.
It consists of chunks of fresh pineapple ( sour ) and the sauce for the dish is naturally sweet so it actually complement the dish.
The crabs were really fresh, making it tastier and the flesh are blended also with the sauce,
eating the sauce = eating crab meat.
ohh la la. 
Worth every single penny.

Till Then!

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