Kota Kinabalu - Party Play, Lintas
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The continuation of my last post from the same outing was,
we headed to Party Play located at Lintas Plaza. 
It is actually a newly opened lifestyle cafe in town.
So I heard, the chef here is from Singapore.
The whole shop's design has a theme too, very modern and simple, heck its nice. 
Initially, this is the place we wanted to sit down and hang out but then when we got here,
it's already almost 11pm and the shop kinda have this kitchen close at 11pm policy and the shop closes at 12am.

I think that their food and beverages pricing is at mid-range, but worth the try!

Their wall of fame :P
made of lomography pictures,
that says : Feed Your Life ! 

the bar with very nice chalkboard word decorations..

I asked the waitress to recommend what are their signature drinks there and she recommended me their milkshake. (RM8 per glass)

So I decided to try out their chocolate milkshake,
which tasted like blended Desa chocolate milk to me.

Bev ordered banana milkshake.
Yes they do have varieties for you to choose from.

and one thing I actually liked in this shop is their menu.
everything looks so unique and creative,
too bad I did not take any picture of it.

As for food we only ordered a mushroom soup (RM10) ,
just for the sake of trying because I was already so full from dinner + cupcakes + tea and milkshake!
I heard what was recommended by people was their fish and chips.
Shall try it out someday : D

here it is, not disappointing at all :)
I may add that the place here is quite cosy, but personally not a suitable place to study or things like that.
It was kinda noisy that night.

To end the night,

A picture of us after a whole great night catching up!

Till Then.

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