Kota Kinabalu - Boutique Cupcakes, Lintas Plaza.
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Few days back, I went out with Beverly since we've not meet each other for a while.
And since we were close friends since high school, every holidays is like a mandatory to meet.
The latest update currently is that, she's working at the newest cupcake shop in town, its the Boutique Cupcake.
So that night, she decided to take me there for a visit, 
since she needed to do some preparation for the cupcakes the client ordered,
thus we ended up here.
The good side of this is that, I met a lot of new faces there :) very friendly people.
And got to celebrate a stranger's birthday the first time of meeting him,
along with the rest of the staffs and bosses there of course.

Well one of the boss was a friend of mine that I knew through Bev, and then I met another boss who actually handles the productions side, they were really nice and friendly :)

the bosses praised me for my effort of helping Bev out, and treated me for free tea with mixtures of chamomile, rose, peppermint , lavender all in one teapot and a cupcake. How nice of them?

Tried out the carrot walnut cupcake and it was not bad, yummy :)
It's texture is different from the cupcakes I've tasted before.
It's more moist and soft compared the others because its normally baked fresh in the morning.
The plus point will be, if you think this cake is sweet, it's not at all. Less sugar = Healthy!

I wished I could have taste more flavors that were offered there, but it was after dinner and I was so full from dinner that time, taking one cupcake is giving me hard time already. Will be back there someday definitely!

the awesome cupcake display area, but it was already almost 10pm and look at the amount of cupcakes left.

for this Christmas, you can spice up the festive mood with awesome Christmas cupcakes from this shop!
Look how cute are they!
Pre-order now! RM39 Nett for 6!

their awesome supposedly sound proof kitchen :)

chic and modern ambiance

See they also have cute cupcakes for other occasions such as Halloween, or you can custom make your own.

Had the opportunity to try out their chocolate cookies too, its not sweet at all considering it is rich with chocolate and chocolate chips.
Others ; Rocky road / Cranberry cookie :)

thats one of the owner and the birthday boy aka. cashier.

Their signature dessert, Fragola :)
look how huge is that strawberry!

and Chocolate Seduction! 
It is a combination of Chocolate Ganache, Dark and White Chocolate Cheese.

How often do you see green tea and pandan flavoured cupcakes?
In here you can get them all!

They have a lot of nice stuffs going on here, feel free to check them out :)  here!

Till Then!

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