Kuala Lumpur - Little Korea & Rak Thai
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The continuation of my first week of 2011 was,
still hanging out with the same people which we had Korean Food for dinner, unexpectedly.
Supposed to just eat something light, instead we went and check out this new place - Little Korea 
and it wasn't bad at all!
From service, to food preparation and presentation, everything was real good.
Of course, it comes with a price also.
Anyways, this place is more famous for its BBQ stuffs, which I want to try someday!
Due to having cold for days now, have to save it for another day instead.
Oh well, good things always comes to those who wait ! so Patience!

we got a little excited while ordering and end up with a feast.

We had that big bowl of Bul Goki ( for 2 person , but I think its for 4 person instead :/ )
See that last picture? that is actually after they served each of us a bowl, the extras.
RM55  :/
and its tad pricey too cause of the waiter, cooked it in front of us, and the meat is uber tender and fresh.

Ordered Dol Sot Bi Bim Bab ( upper right end picture ) - Rice in Hot Stone Bowl, with minced pork , egg and mixed veggies ( RM 20 )

1 bowl of Gal Bi Tang - Beef Rib Soup ( RM 20 )
The ribs are awfully fresh, just chew on the meat and you can easily get a clean cut off the bones.
One thing special with the soup is, they actually boiled it with ginseng and leeks in it ( notice bottom left end picture)

oh and another dish that I just noticed I forgot to put up, 
Hae Mool Pa Jeon - Seafood Pancake ( RM 25 )

and wanna know the surprising fact of this shop? A bowl of rice cost you RM5!
Easily our bill costs RM152 but it was worth it, considering the portion, fresh food and good service.
I mean, I've been to so many restaurants which serves food around this price range but one with all the good stuffs is really rare :D 

the next day was spent at Midvalley, 
in order to fulfill our craving for Thai food, 
came back to Rak Thai for brunch.
This trip back to Rak Thai is kinda disappointing, 
the food we ordered were just so-so compared to the previous times.

Mine was the most disappointing one of all, I forgot whats mine called,
but its basically fried noodle with tons of green and red chilies + minced chicken and veges.
It killed me for a moment there, sweat while eating + worsen my flu.
I did not eat even 1/4 of the whole thing.
Really terrible, I will never order it anymore.

Mary ordered mango chicken chop with rice and Leslie's was the BBQ chicken that I had last time.

The desserts was awesome though, especially that red water chestnut with jackfruit :D

and then I got myself a new toy lens at Gardens,
Leslie became my first model, heheheh! :P

6 image mirage 

the Star burst effect ;D

Till Then!

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