Kuala Lumpur - Sakae Sushi , Pasta De Gohan
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Lately, I've been out during the past weekends with Mary, 
and we had Japanese food marathon for no apparent reason at Subang's Sakae Sushi.
Told ourselves that we should like avoid Japanese food for sometime now,

well it looked little at first, and we just had to keep ordering and then ..we end up with..

Tempura,Calamari,Shishamo, SoftShellCrab

and then, we had these too..

Salmon Belly and Chicken something something :/
Food is usually good, however I prefer Sunway's Sakae Sushi better.
I think its the fried stuffs.

We ended up eating these for 2 hours
 and came out from Sakae Sushi feeling so bloated after that.

The following week,
we finally settled down at Pasta De Gohan after deciding where to eat and I realised, 
Gosh it's Japanese food again!
Just that its Westernish-Japanese food (:
Reminds me of the Japanese shop I went to for pasta in Singapore too,
and this shop has the exact concept, but different brand.
In Singapore, it was owned by Sakae and this is owned by Pasta De Waraku , Singapore.

This is just half of their many many selections in the menu.
Too much selections in fact its kinda hard to choose.
The pasta's price range between RM20+ - RM 40+

This is one of the sides I ordered,
Chicken Mushroom and Bacon risotto.
Taste so so good , I can't have enough of it :X

Mary's main, Carbonara Based Bacon pasta.
I personally don't really like carbonara ,
but she said it was good,
Their bacon was really nice (:

I had a Bacon, Potatoes and Asparagus pasta.
Kinda weird combination I think.
But its not bad. I love how the cheesey taste doesn't make you feel all stuffy and full after eating it.

Brushetta for sides too, they called it toasts instead :/

I tried this weird drink.
Japanese Soda,
Forgot what's the name, starts with a C but saw that red base thingy?
It's actually cherry, and I HATE cherries :(

All and all,
It is a good place to try out fusion Japanese cuisine but with a tad-pricey tags on it.


Shopped for new shoe and sandal, watched Life As We Know It too.
Starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel , I just adore them.
Make such cute couples and of course it was really funny as its a romance-comedy movie.

Other than that,
my days wasn't too bad besides being busy trying to do my event things plus ,
the responds is kinda good now.
our goodie bags has increased from RM300+ to RM700+ per person (:
our target is 25 teams and we managed to hit 21 teams in a week.
The event is this Saturday. 
I actually can't wait for this weekend to come.

Played MapleStory again.
Restarted a new character with a new job after such a long long time.
Things changed so much in there, with more and more cute monsters. Freaking noob seh (:

I will have a French Oral Mid Term tomorrow on Dialogues again.
I hate role plays.
Don't know what to expect actually. No preparation.
Guess I shall go have my dinner now before preparing the French Slides.

Till Then.

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