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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

I am so effin' tired right now I can just sleep till the next day,
but definitely,
it won't stop me from blogging..

and because I have a CV to update tonight and submit by later,
I must stay up.
Well, at least till I'm done.

So today marks the day, 
we finally went all around the university,
promoting Golden Scavenger.

because I'm in PR.
Had to go to University extremely early,
like 9am,
supposedly French class starts at 1pm!
which end up learning weird French idioms that just doesn't link with whatever it supposed to mean,
and my day only ended at 5.30pm.
Extremely exhausting.

Had 30 of the posters and about 300 flyers distributed everywhere around the school,
and other campuses.
It's kinda a nightmare for me because I've been staring at those things for about a month.
Well I had to design them alone(because no one else seems to know how to do), though I think its ugly.
and then I still have to see it around everywhere in my campus.
I swear I had a dream about the posters when I was asleep last night.
So annoying.
Wait till they hang the banner tomorrow onwards, its even worst :/

and Denise finally got her present and finally completed it.


Oh and I am so in love with the Breadstory in my Uni compared to those at the mall.
It has seriously more varieties, freshly baked products, and reasonably price.

Side note,
the Face to Face noodle shop in Taylor's is very dirty! A lot of flies, but still so many people there, 
don't know why.
Wanted to have brunch there this afternoon, but end up in Wong Kwok instead and the service is so damn good.
I can't believe I'm spending like RM15 minimum for food in University everyday now.
Well technically, 
when we moved, it was RM 10, and now when all the shops are SLOWLY opening its RM15++!


Okay , I probably should stop being random and just go do my CV now.


Till Then :D

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