Golden Scavenger
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So the teaser previously is actually for this event.
An event called " Golden Scavenger"
Currently my fellow classmates and I are working on this charity event to help the kids in Bario
and also as part of our assignment.

Why we chose Bario?
Imagine yourself walking to some place ( just a few kms ) and you started complaining,
but the kids in Bario walk 20kms to school everyday, and to go home on the very same day,
another 20kms. 
How would you feel? 
Aren't we lucky to have public transports or cars to go anywhere now?
But still we're always complaining.

Imagine them.
After walking 40kms a day, they had to stay home the next day just to rest their legs,
and then continue to go to school only on the following day.
they can only go to school 3 days a week, unlike us.

Our aim is to donate a minimum of RM3K to them under Taylor's 1Bario community project
 in order to provide them a proper hostel in their school where they can stay for 5 days straight 
with food provided and only go home during the weekends.

they lived in a totally deserted and rural areas in Sarawak.
For more information on how Bario looks like,
do click this : BarioNews

So basically our event is about a treasure hunt which starts off from Taylor's University,
all the way down to Kuala Lumpur.
The only means of transport is train.
You need to have another 3 partners, that makes the 4 of you.
The team that reaches the last destination,
with all the clues given with the shortest time are entitled to a prize worth RM4K+.
Well, of course the sponsors are from various hotels too so stand a chance to win a holiday trip :O

What you have to do to participate?
1) Gather 4 person in a team!
2) Pay Registration fee of RM160 per group ( contribution to Bario )
3) Come to Taylor's and report yourself on the 30th October at 7am!
Viola, and you're done.

What will you get?
A T-Shirt + A goodie bag worth RM350++ / for everyone (What a steal!)

and of course you get to help the kids in Bario. Charity ;)
while having fun with your friends touring KL in a different way!

Come join the fun people and please help spread the news!

For more info,
Contact me via my email @

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