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I am so glad to finally say,
thank god last week was over.

Had diarrhea along with 2 of my other classmates because we had the same food in Desserts Bar for lunch the other day.
We ordered the Australian Beef Stew and end up with really bad food poisoning.
Complaint and even skipped my supposedly French Oral Roleplay test that was supposed to be the next day,
thank god my lecturer was being considerate after explaining to her so many times,
that she didn't deduct our marks but said we did a good job during our presentation on Friday :)


I attended 3 charity event in my University itself last week.
1st was O.M.G , an event organised by my ex fellow classmates on Thursday.
It was just a simple one , inflatable games and Satay!
Didn't had Satay for ages and the Satay they ordered was from a Kampung, with Lontong,
RM5 for 5 sticks but it was awesome.

Supported my friend's stall by doing this.
A girl from Kenya, named Sabah did this for us.

Up : Sio Sen's  Bottom : Mine (:

2nd one was by the Masscom student, it was kinda huge and they managed to pull the crowds especially it was on Friday.
Commfest, with live performances , local celebrities , lots and lots of online blogshop stalls and food stalls,
I literally tried like almost all the foods that was sold there and there were a lot of inflatable games too.
The crowd was so packed , and you can see people running around from time to time because there was an Amazing Race competition going on.

3rd one was Golden Scavenger. I was at University from 6am onwards and then was down at KL - Bukit Nanas Park from 11am until 4pm!
It was my first time there, and I had the chance to climb up the hanging wood trails like I don't know how many times.
It rained too and thus I had a little accident.
The right side of my face actually hit the steel barrier hard when I slipped and I
ended up with bruised thigh and knee , bleeding gum and inner upper mouth tissue cut   + a sprained right ankle.

the bruise on my left knee

Apparently, it became a very famous news since the participants saw me fell and reported it to the people back in Uni , and everyone started calling to ask how am I. 
and worst of all, the news came out from the mouth of people I don't even know,
funny how news can spread so fast even if its from strangers ay.

it was fun and boring at the same time while waiting for the teams to arrive.
The event ended with a dinner with my classmates at Italiannes, since we had extra funds to spare and it was an enjoyable experience dining with so many people, our tables were connected like really long table and we occupied the entire bottom floor of Italiannes.
Oh, I really love looking at a table filled with plates and glasswares, not a single space while everyone is eating. Sounds weird, I know :P

finally yesterday out of randomness, I met up with Denise after ages for dinner.
We had a decent dinner at Dragon-I since both of us did not have proper chinese food for a while now
followed by shopping and movie after that.
We caught You Again, it was funny as hell. I really enjoyed it.
Though at some parts it did reminded me of, Jennifer's Body.

Earlier in the afternoon I finally watched The Switch. 
I was kinda disappointed because it wasn't as funny as I thought it would be.

its already the 3rd month now (:
amazing how time flies.

Ever wondered how I looked like as cartoon?

Haha, I'm just bored.
not much difference anyways.

Till Then.

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