I'm done.
Thursday, May 6, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Okay I'm not in the mood to like do everything.
I kinda just completed my whole report after doing it for months,
you know like MONTHS.
and a lot of difficulties in doing it.
Till the very last week,
my Facebook , MSN & Twitter is flooded with the word T.I.S.
Everyone is like complaining everyday.
the trend now is everyone had to skip either 3 classes minimum per person this week.
Either that, or just don't come at all for 1 WHOLE week.
You get like only 3 persons attending a class of 50+ persons.
or even better, 20 students attending a class of 200 persons.
and lecturers will automatically cancel their classes cause they know nobody will come.
Slept for maximum 5 hours a day for the whole week
including lifeless weekends at home doing report from morning till night.
Just to finish that goddamn 55 pages of report.

and what's amazing?
You get lecturers who are understanding enough to not scold or nag or whatsoever
when you're absent for their class, late for their class, or even not concentrating in their lectures.
Cause of the beautiful T.I.S ( This Is Shit- Technical Industrial Study) because
whatever the lecturer was lecturing especially during revision classes for them case studies,
everything we have in mind will be about T.I.S and won't bother to discuss anything but

Just when I thought everything is okay,
there are tons of problems with printing.
Hopefully, I'm over that phase after tomorrow.
I'm done with it.

Really tired right now,
and I have like a presentation which I have yet to prepare tomorrow :(

I really can't wait for the weekends.

oh and a nice video that is really, creative.

Till then.

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