Its the past & present good times...
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So I was supposed to update about last week , I had this gathering session with the old pals cause Daniel is back after zomfg years.

We end up having dinner in Tarbush on last friday night, took the pictures but due to the quality of the picture (the ambience was so dim-yellowish) I didn't feel like uploading them. Used my Sony to take them pictures and the colour was like a turn-off. So not pictures from Tarbush :D

anyways, met up with the old pals
Daniel , Loh , Bev , Mary , Kelly , Sean , Fad , and a few new friends within that week.

Oh, we watched Kick-Ass and The Losers last week .

Movie was not bad , and then the usual, yumcha etcs.

Good times.

I don't remember what else happened but the next day dinner was spent with Loh & Bev at Italiannes...

Heavy food indeed :)

Well as for this week , it was still pretty okay.
Tons of college stuffs to do everyday but managed to get through it.
Except for the Technical Industrial Study part, which is due next friday.
Everyone pretty much , stuck somewhere somehow so its kinda sucky.

And last tuesday, a friend of mine -Siosen went to a place called Betty's Midwest Kitchen to visit our friends Colin and Jack who are doing their industrial training there.

She kept telling us how good was the burger and all that , it got us ( Beverley & I) so tempted that we wanna go there so badly so finally we went there for dinner last night.

we had to search for the place but thank god when we arrived there are still seats available.
Apparently, this shop is always fully occupied and reservations has to be made in order to get a table. Lucky us.

but the service was quite fast , and amazingly the food didn't disappoint us a single-bit!

we ordered root beer, its like so long ago since we had one :P

Crispy Bacon for starters! Yummy.

It is a sin to not eat this , their must try - Jucy Lucy.

Quote Beverley - Better than Sex.

For a moment there, I kept thinking about us being in Marshall's position.
Marshall from How I Met Your Mother , there's this one episode where few of his friends and him went searching for the best burger he had like 30 years ago and how orgasmic he said the burger was to him . LOL .

Look at the thick pork patty mixed with veges + the condiments that comes with it.
Everything was fresh and warm when it was served ... and the melts like ... *that*

See , lotsa veges and people who know me well will know I don't take raw veges
but because of Jucy Lucy , I ate them!

Meat loaf.
looked like carrot cake aye ? haha

I'm very suprise to see the price of the food there is actually, very reasonable.
within the range of RM 8-RM 40.

and the drinks? RM 2- RM 20
can you believe it?

After dinner Loh took us to a place called Plus8 to chill.
This place is like , very unique in its own way.

They have live bands , pool area , restaurants + bars and private rooms in an open space though their private rooms are air conditioned.

Ample seating areas with nice decorative lights etc. Song played by the band was like jazzy so its all good.

the design of the place is very different from others , its kinda hard to explain actually.
Got to see it for yourself.

I would like to post the pictures but my slr battery died so I couldn't take any pictures :(

oh well. Probably next time.

Then we headed back down at Jaafar, met up with Daniel , a new friend who is apparently now my friend's ex gf , Jessica and Gavin - god he thin down a lot since the last time I met him.

What a small world.
We will eventually know everyone somehow , someways , someday I guess.

so there you go, a little update of my weekends.
got to start doing my report.
till then.


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