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Saturday, May 8, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

It's been a great week. Catching up with people.
Rebekah came to Taylor's few days back for her projects on Dessert Bar so we met her for lunch.
She hasn't change much since the last time I met her, only her new haircut ;)

At the Cafeteria

& yesterday after our T.I.S submission, we had a little steamboat dinner gathering at Summer.
Great times catching up, especially few of them who changed course came and joined us for the dinner too.

Then, went to Helo Bali with Loh, Denise, Christina, GG , Bev and Navaal.
Just for a short 3 hrs chill out session. We were so worn out, from work and also the report even after hours of nap earlier on.

Saw this really creative ad in Pyramid :)

After drinking , we headed to Mcdonald to have supper at 3am!
I was like just saying I'm hungry and everyone was like okay lets go eat.

Gosh I love them ;)
for always being that random.


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