All I Ever Wanted.
Sunday, May 9, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

I had a wonderful night with the babes at The Curve , Damansara last night.
Had our dinner at Italiannes, food was alright as usual
but the service was really bad, my food came in slow and the waiting was long.
Till I canceled my order then the waiter came with my dinner :S
Oh well.

Soups for starter.

Cosy ambience.


Love the caption.

Main courses

& the whole streets of The Curve looked like this , it was really pretty.
The flea market was there till about 11-ish.
We went to Starbucks after it closed.
I almost die of inhaling cigarettes fumes from all the people around me there.
Can even feel that the breathing difficulty problem is taking place.

and I really liked the flower arch.

It says " To Mum , with love. "

Dear Mummy,
Happy Mother's Day.
Sorry for not being there with you on this special day of yours.
I hope that you'll have a blast with them family at home today :)


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