The Past Weeks.
Sunday, January 24, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

This is a long delayed post.

2 weeks :)

I'm back in KL.

Classes was fun this week , as long as it lasted because I laughed A HELL LOT .

Everyday I get stomach cramps.

but , it's not going to last from this coming week onwards.

Hell lots of assignments + reports and presentations everyweek!

anyways ,

the new campus is okay .

not up to what our expectation is but its still great.

just that the hassles we had to go through everyday , is a lil bit too much.

and I'm still trying to get use to the life of taking bus to class.

it isn't that bad , really just that at times I'm late cause of the bus and the long waiting period.

The "Lake"

View of the main block

The still under construction commercial block

Vending machines everywhere.

lecturer that came in with luggage

Simon who brought home France Chocos for us :) yummy.

Does this looked real? haha the open space , view from 8th floor.

well got tons more of pictures , the restaurants is nice , but not what we've expected.

Ate lunch at one of the restaurant too , Truffles.

Everything is new in there , no longer using old cutleries & plates and there's a bar.

Winelab. Choco rooms. Open air kitchens. Wine cellar :)


Back date .

The 2nd last day of my holidays , had dinner with the Taylorians & Ex Taylorians at Nandos.

Its great catching up again , after so long .

It was Siosen's treat that night , dunno what occasion , but Thanks SioSen!

Lets play Monopoly Deal at Uni again! haha

The day before was spent Karaoke-ing in the afternoon at Redbox with my cousin and Denise.

At night , at The Library and Laundry.

No we didn't study and do our laundry like some of you that asked me.

It was a hell fun night!

with new faces.

More pictures@fb.

Expect more delayed post soon.

I can't update as frequent as I used to anymore.

till then.


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