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My 2nd last day at KK finally get to meet an old friend of mine , Rosa.
(the one in the middle)
A special one because we've known each other through blogging in Xanga which was 4 years ago.

Never thought that I will ever get the chance to meet her since she's been staying in New York since forever and I remembered I was supposed to meet her 3 years ago during one of the break but end up we didn't because I stopped using Xanga and didn't know she left me a message there until after about 2 years?

and funny how 2 weeks ago I found her on Facebook and we started contacting each other and coincidencely she's on holidays for 11 days in KK and we met up.

Had a great time hanging out with her and Mary , and then we met up with the others ( Kim , Jermina and Joanne ) later on .

Too bad it was my 2nd last day here already or else we would have hang out even more :(


I met Jeremy for dinner after that too . Boy , its been so long .
I talked non stop that he said I was a chatterbox for once :D

Bumped into Fiorn and Bryant too .
Such a cute couple but ah , no pictures of them :(


Back @ KL.

(*inserts stories about yesterday , yadayada lazy wanna blog about it :P )

Ok back to today !

Today I had an orientation to attend to at the new campus .

Boy , the school was so ohemmgeee huge-ness that you'll definately
get lost :S

it will take time getting used to .

more about it next time perhaps , I didn't take any pictures of the school but the facilities was awesome .

Before that , had dinner at a place called Boston nearby the place I stayed .

Food was okay , price was reasonable.

Worth the try , you can have free access to wifi , billing services provided , fax and photocopy services and , mobile charging services for free ?

Thats something really different.

Lots of varieties , varies from rice , noodles , sandwiches , burgers etc .

Headed to Sunway Pyramid with the girls after our orientation .
Hanged out for a bit , shopped and treated the girls for awesome stuffs at JCO .

Donuts <3 and I had this drink that was something new to me ,

its called Jackfruit Cino.

Should give it a try , its not bad at all :D

It has this distinctive flavour , not too strong and of course how often do you get to try Jackfruit in drinks?

p/s: 9x-7i>3(3x-7u)

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