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Monday, February 8, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

My oh my .

Its been way too long since I last blogged! I guessed.

Didn't really felt like blogging in here , but I did my daily blogging in Tumblr.

A little update about my life is , well assignments has been pilling up as usual.

But , since CNY is coming up , the speed to finish up them assignments is doubled up.

Got a few got to hand in right after CNY :(


But on the bright side ,

my past weekends are great.

Was out shopping the whole time at well , 6 Malls :)

With these 2 people.

we had Italiannes and Thai food in a day when we were at Midvalley & Gardens.

Awesomely delicious food I must say.

but the service at Italiannes Gardens was rather dissapointing.

Outside Pavillion

in 4 days & I overspent wayyyyyyy unexpectedlyyy which isn't so good :(

Finally Met Loh again for brunch last saturday after gazillion years ( in our dictionary )

and umm CNY party at Marvin's last saturday night , before ending the night with karaoke from 12am-4am as usual.

Our voice changed after that haha

Spot my chicken wing :P

-__- i know.

I'm always too humble they said :P

With the tourism students of course :D

Few of the foods we had that day.

A different combination of foods for bbq , we had korean bbq+ kimchi+ italian + pastries + snacks + western food + Alcoholic fruit punch :D

not to forget , marshmallows!

Few SS pictures from college :D

Till then.

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