Home Sweet Home .
Friday, February 12, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Yay I'm finally back at KK again for the holidays.

Its so good , just when I thought of skipping classes and I got great news telling me all my classes for the day are canceled and I get to fly without worrying about attendance :D

Went to the airport this morning with Denise , Bev & Gavin.

Coincidentally our flight itinerary is the same time and yes it felt so good , the last time 3 of us travelled together is like during our trip to Kuching.

only this time Bev & Gavin is going back to Kuching and I'm flying to KK with Denise.

Poor Bev is still sick.

I remembered a year + ago I had my chicken pox and couldn't fly!

It's funny how I find that its like a routine everytime I travel with strangers sitting next to me , they will end up talking to me :X

anyways ,

I'm glad to be home.

Gonna dry my hair and go out to the night market I guess.

Till then.


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