Did someone just cursed me or something?
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Well I've been trying to blog lately but due to reasons like this :
1) everyone's busy so I couldn't get pictures
2) i just don't feel like going out lately and there's basically nothing much to blog about
3) both my lappy & my desktop crashed . Yesterday.

History 1 .

Lappy crashed more than 4543654 times already , I just dunno whats the problem anymore but I was told that , this time it is the motherboard. I've encountered the same problem since a year ago.

Changed the motherboard a year ago and now the same problem again.

had the lappy for only 2 years now.

Really sucked big time cause I've lots of stuffs in there , which I stupidly didn't save in my portable harddisk . ALL my recent pictures & songs . Kill me already . Sigh .

History 2.

Same goes for my desktop.

Well , I've only used Hewlette Packard all these while but all these problems keep coming in.

Reformatted and fixed gazillion time , now I'm thinking whether to just fix the motherboard or just buy a new laptop instead.

I was told the cost of my laptop motherboard can buy me a new lappy .

Decisions . Decisions .

I really don't know if I should still buy Hewlette Packard or what next.


Anyhow ,

I felt lost lately

& easily exhausted.


I wanted to go out , but part of me felt like just staying home .
It's been like this for a week or so now.

I think I might go out tommorow , or at least this weekend to clear up my mind.

cross fingers problems won't be worser than it is right now .




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