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Monday, December 14, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Caught the meteors last night around 12am-1am .
I saw 6 of them , within an hour .
It was really beautiful.
I'm a Gemini myself , the meteors are actually named after the starsign.
The Geminid Meteors Shower.
Most anticipated meteors shower this year.


Am still waiting the pictures for my next blogposts.
Everyone is so busy , so am I.
Decorated the house with X'mas decorations , caroling tonight :)
Listening to David Archuleta's Christmas from the heart album , blissful feeling.
I wish its Christmas now.
Oh did I even mention that I love Latin church masses?
I can't wait to go to one again , like real soon.
The joy of praising and praying in latins.


Tommorow is the day.
Brings up special memories .
The day that , alot of us is looking forward to.
I don't know if I still do , I used to.
Now I don't know anymore.


Off now.

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