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Saturday, September 5, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Another super hectic college life is coming to an end .

Had our Law presentations on Tuesday and guess what?
All of us got 30/20 =D

Will upload the videos if I have it . I only managed to take BDT'S because my group was the first to present .

Click to watch their's .

Got most of my mid term papers back , suprisingly I did quite well in all of it , am happy.

Became Gunawan's lunch service guest yesterday .
Had Quail for starter , Lamb for main course , Chocolate mousse for dessert.

Got em pictures but lazy to upload :P

All was good though , the menu in Taylor's is improving :S

Nothing better to do while waited for English class.

5 of us , did this English video assignment .
We did Cornetto Love Ad .

& Special thanks to Leslie for bringing me dinner on Wed & Thursday .
Hee , hate thinking what to eat for dinner and he unexpectedly solved my problems for that two days . Its been a while since someone brought me dinner :) really appreciate it . Thanks.

Bah , Thursday night went out yumcha with Loh at Jaafar .
Perhaps maybe cause Im sick , I got so dehydrated I ordered 4 cans of this in an hour+ .
Loh & Bev each ordered 3 cans ! haha like competition this us .

First time drinking it and we all loved it .

& before we left , we stacked the empty cans and the mamak's people all stared at us and asked us : Nak lagi? 3 tin? hahaha

that night , Bev & I changed clothes in Jaafar's toilet and SS15's Pool place .

People all stared at us like psycho people since the moment we stepped out of Jaafar :S lol

Went to Pyramid again yesterday for the sake of passing time .
Ate this for the 2nd time .

Yes , Ireland Potatoes!

Its not bad seriously ,

my first time I tried the Honey Mustard and yesterday I tried the Fruit Cream .

The sauce I mean .

Bev ordered the Special cheddar sauce , which was a bit dissapointing because the sauce is a bit too mild .

Daniel ordered the meat sauce one last time , it was just okay :)

Watched I love you , Beth cooper . Damn hilarious .

Now I can't wait to watch The Ugly Truth , Love Happens and Gossip Girl season 3 !

Loh gave Bev & I this strand of Amethysts from India . His parents went India actually .
Really nice of him . Thanks again Loh :)

Am thinking what to do with it , its long enough to just be a necklace , or 2 anklets or 2 bracelets .

What should I use it for?

Bumped into Kelly & Leslie at one of the shop and we walked around together . Then , we met up with Mary & Roger for like 2 minutes at Burger King .

Oh yea , Burger King is now available at Pyramid! & guess what? Krispy Kreme is opening soon too!


Anyway , how often do you guys do charity work?
Please do it as much as you can in any ways that is possible , because there are a lot others out there who are in need of your help while you're here being so lucky and yet don't realise it at all !

this is random. But heck , who cares.


Well , i'd better be going . Got assignmentS to finish up .

1 week of classes . 1 week of exams . 1 week of holidays . & 2 months of trainings .

" Sometimes you have to stop chasing your dreams and let them catch up with you . "

" Cause , you have my heart don't you ever forget that. "

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