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Yesterday , was supposed to go to Sunway Pyramid but our plans changed when Loh took us out for dinner at Kota Kemuning . We had bak kut teh for dinner .

I love green veggies like this!

Bah , KK's bak kut teh still the best , sigh :(

Then , we went to Tropicana Mall nearby NZX to shop for kids stuffs because Kelly needed to buy presents for her nieces .

Kids nowadays are so lucky , their outfits are getting nicer and cuter compared to ours
don't you think so?

even us young adults can't resist wanting to use these cute things :P

I looked like some " Ali " kinda person haha

It was our first time at Tropicana mall , that place wasn't as big as I thought and it is different compared to other shopping malls . More like Aeon Mall back in Shah Alam .

& Then we didn't know where else to go since it was still so early , we headed to this place

Wondermilk at Damansara!

Yup , this place is awesome . I love the interior designs .
They have really nice lomo cameras for sale but its so expensive!

I would really wish to get one of those someday , it will be really nice because I love lomo pictures.

People who come here , of course order ...

Awesome cupcakes!
Well , these cupcakes are actually not counted cute .
You can get your order personalize with your own design and order them for birthdays or any other occasions.

That one will definately is cuter than those they sell in the shop.

Though of course , it comes with a price and its not cheap at all .

Ask me for the price if you want to know , teehee.

but one thing for sure is their service was really good :)

We had fun taking silly pictures in the shop !

hahaha inside the toilet



Caught getting ourselves fat haha

Scary picture of Leslie! Ah!

Trying to act cute LOL

Retarded faces pose
with Kelly .

We headed to Loh's crib after that because he needed to change .
Went by the poolside to take pictures .

Emo us .

& the happy couple :)

other pictures are too blur for me to upload :(

anyways , im kinda excited about tommorow's law presentation but im losing my voice already ,

hope it won't be that bad tommorow . *fingers cross

till then.


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