WTF day .
Friday, June 5, 2009 // 3 comment(s)

running away , its the best I can do .
because it all starts off with goodbye.

My BM oral is so oh emm gee that I spoke a few english words like sorry , pardon , okay , huh?
and I read B5 as Bfive instead of Blima like a few times to the jury .

He was an external jury , dunno from where but his questions for me are just so random I wonder how well I did .

I didn't even follow the guidelines I'm supposed to talk about for the picture description , because when I was there I got blanked by all his weird introduction questions for me but he didn't comment on that , so I guess perhaps he doesn't care much .

I had a bad day today , a lot happened .

Got an early scare this morning , around 5.50am .
While I was sleeping , suddenly awoken by noises of people shouting some indian words , people kicking doors , slamming doors , broken window glasses , shattered glass ...

Thought I was dreaming because I got lots of dreams lately , and then I opened my eyes and realised I wasn't because it was really loud .

Wanted to switch on the lights and go out and have a look but I was so scared , instincts told me not to , perhaps might not know the crazy indians has a knife or gun with him so I decided to stay on bed .

Wanted to call someone for help , but dunno who . I don't even know where are all the guards at that time . Sigh stupid securities . Wanted to call police also , but sure they will ask me lots of questions and I have to go out if I were to report .

I shivered that entire period , it goes on for 10 minutes . First 5 minutes , suddenly it was so silent and all of a sudden I heard someone shouting again and more broken glasses...I thought it was upstairs , or perhaps downstairs at first .

Only to realised this afternoon , that it was my opposite neighbours . 2 houses . Especially the one opposite my room , the window glasses was gone , some broke into half ... and the other house , about 15 pieces of the window glasses was gone .

Later on , after coming back from Suriamas , back at my place...

This time on the lift , I was the last one to enter .

4 of us , 2 malays , a nigga & I .

At first I thought how weird that this nigga didn't bother to press the lift button , only after I pressed then he pressed .

After the 2nd lady went out at the 7th floor , it was just me and the nigga .

So I stepped front , to press the button to close the lift .

Suddenly this nigga , who was standing behind bend a bit as if to see what am I holding .

I was holding my keys at that time then I stared back at him , and he immediately looked front .

Then , all of a sudden he tapped my shoulder and asked me whether I'm married .

By doing the finger with ring hand thing , I realised he was checking out whether am I wearing a ring on my finger .

I pretended that I didn't get what he said by giving him the "Huh" face . Then he repeated , so I answered him Oh no .

Then he's like , oh I don't believe you , *smiling but I like you!

And the first thing that came into my mind was , shit .

Then the lift came open just in time . I replied him : Thanks , bye .

Then I ran out of the lift .

The nigga was like : Hey ! Hey ! trying to call me back but I ran away .

Fear that he knows where I stay because my house is quite near to the lift , I walked to the nearby staircase so he won't know where I stay and thank god he didn't follow me after that .

Sigh , this place is seriously getting more and more F.up each day .

Even walking pass the guard houses the guards like to make funny conversations everytime they see you , what more the people here?

Think its about time to move again .


Blogger HeartLess-Angel said on June 7, 2009 at 2:48:00 PM GMT+8  

SHIT. be careful girl. they can be very scary sometimes!

Blogger ChaosRaymond said on June 7, 2009 at 6:28:00 PM GMT+8  

wow.. tats one scary day.. horny guy.. =.=

Blogger ElaineCharmaine said on June 9, 2009 at 4:06:00 PM GMT+8  

I will thanks :) yah , as if its not enough ... I encountered 2 more experiences continously in 3 days! sigh.

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