It is a sin to enjoy before final exams :X
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Well I've finally decided to blog about my too random weekends because I can't stand seeing those pictures left unattended :P haha

My saturday started out with A day out with Denise .

Which is total random , we decided to go KLCC .Walked a bit and bumped into someone's mom at Mango . Then headed to convention centre to search for a place to eat lunch , so we end up at Kenny Rogers .

Cute muffins as usual , one big one small .

After lunch , we headed to Aquazone ... just opened recently ..
It is a place that is linked to Aquaria for fish spa .

Yes , I'm totally aware that my toes are christmasy colours .

Then , we continued our randomness by going to Aquaria .

Later that , we headed to Pavillion . Went to the cinema , bumped into an iranian guy which again ... approached for other intentions if you know what I meant .

Super scary for like 15 minutes of queing for movie ticket he is there talking and I got so annoyed and freaked out .

Denise and I wanted to watch 17 again but coincidencely the ticket was sold out . Then the iranian guy keep wanting to follow us . We almost end up buying Gold class but I was thinking if we get Gold class he'll still follow . Thank god Hannah Montana was still available . Last 2 seats that is , and we quickly bought the ticket... lucky us .

Then we ran away :X to a korean restaurant for dinner .

Privacy ( we need ) scared of the iranian already .

See how empty is the restaurant?

We gave Korean Beers a try , MYR18 per can :S nuts .

My dinner .

The condiments .

Denise's dinner .

Then Sunday , Bev & I went to Pyramid for dinner at Ole Ole Bali because she craved for one since dunno how long ago .

Her salad .

My sandwich :S really huge portion .
Later that we headed to the cinema .
Bumped into Mary & Roger .

Went to find Nick and Kelvin that came down all the way from LKW ...
then off we go for Starbucks to kill time before the movie starts .

We watched Angels & Demons .

Awesome movie . Whole time I was predicting the story , interesting .

After movie which is already 11.30pm Denise & my cousin happened to be at starbucks , so we went to meet them . Almost join them for another round of movie , but flipped the coin and off Bev & I went to Republic yumcha .

My strawberry splash .

While enjoying our talking session , some random chinese guy came and talked to me . Insist on buying me beer and I kept saying no then he kept on asking more stupid questions , it got me so annoyed and enough of No's and I end up saying F you to him :S

First time using it towards someone .

Just after he left , Loh , Brian , Edvart & Daniel passed by .

So we had our long chit chatting session .

While waiting for Denise & my cousin ...

Our funny faces :S

And yesterday , after getting our trials results ...
Off to Buffalo Steakhouse with both Denise & Bev for dinner .

This chocolate icecream is nice :)

Finally ,

Finals is on .

Had 2 of the worst paper today .

More nightmares to come .

Till then .


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