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Trials is almost done for this week .
Left one more orals to be done tommorow . BM oral . My first after 2 years .

I don't think I'll do well . Simply because I didn't speak BM for a very long time :(

Anyways , first day of trial .

The first paper which was Hotel Management paper was a wrong paper .

We end up delaying our exams for 30 minutes while they printed us a new one , when we got our paper it was still as warm as it was fresh from oven!

Then during Hospitality and Environment paper yesterday morning , it started at 9am.

Only 4 of us went into the classroom punctually at 9am.

The lecturer was like what? only 4 of you? Where are the rest?

Then all of us just laughed and said nothing .

Her facial expressions straight changed and apparently she did a report to the head of the FnB department , which apparently is my FnB lecturer.

After lunch time , we had a briefing and then he came in and lectured us .

Saying how we're so famous right now among lecturers , famous as term 6 students last batch of the old system actually don't bother to come early for exams and all...

Anyway ,

I watched Keith few days ago . It was a good movie , featuring Jesse Mccartney . He acted as a guy with depression problem .

Next , last night I watched Burn After Reading . Brad Pitt & George Clooney was in it .
The movie sucked! I thought it will be a comedy , funny and all but all I watched was desperate scenes *disturbing ones , people trying to act funny to make the movie funny , and whats worst? The entire movie has the word FUCK like gazillion times .

I mean the first 2 minutes of the movie the actor I dunno his name , said the word fuck about 10 times . :X

and another scene was this guy he opened the letter and he goes like WHAT THE FUCK? FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK dunno how many times just because of a letter .

and it goes on for the next 1 and a half hour .

I wonder how can they even show it on the cinema last time , I can imagine the whole movie is like full of censored stuffs in it and no one will enjoy it .

Lastly , I watched Changeling just now . It was awesome . The nominees award didn't go to waste for this movie . Angelina Jolie acted in it . It was about a mum in search of her kidnapped son and she went through really a tough time finding her son .

Everyone should watch Changeling . It is one of my favourite movie now .

Oh , btw ...

Jordin Spark's Battlefield , nice :)

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