Make a difference with 1 click .
Tuesday, June 2, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Online 5 hours / more a day and feeling bored?
Think you have sinned alot? :P kidding
Love helping others?

Help make a difference to these organisation by doing charity today .

Digi is raising funds through our votes and by each click you are actually donating RM5 to the organisations of your choice .

What's best? You don't need to use your own cash , instead DIGI will pay for it .

Their aim is to collect RM150K within 30 days . Now it is RM26,105K.

It only takes 2 minutes of your time to select and donate to your favourite organisation.

Except that , if you have more than 1 emails ... please kindly donate more!

Even non DIGI user also can donate .

Let your friends know :)

So , last night I was studying my Hospitality & Tourism notes and I don't know why all of a sudden , I had a thought of doing charity . No idea why , but something tells me that I am so lucky to be where I am right now , and the thought of poor kids in other countries slipped through my mind . Then , I was reading the newspaper today and found out that DIGI has this donation thing going on , so I decided to help out and now I felt so much better .

Praise GOD.


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