Last class for term 6!
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Yesterday was the last class for term 6 , diploma .

How fast time flies , 2 years we've been together , been through so much together .

From strangers to close friends , that is what we are right now .

After today , we might not be in the same class anymore , some will go , a handful will stay .

Friends come and go , as they said .

But no matter what , we'll always have each other .

It was also our last practical class for food and beverage yesterday .
Practice class before our real exam on the 16th which is my birthday :S
All we did yesterday was just focus on our carvings , fruits & meats + flambe
Normally we will have class from 2pm-11pm doing all the mise-en-place , serving guests , techniques and all .

But , last night ... everything that we practiced , we get to eat all by ourselves!
We only practiced carving pineapples , oranges , grapefruits , bananas , duck and chicken though .

Which started from 2.30pm - 10.30pm , then we did our flambee .

We had our talking session again with Mr Tayboon , he gave us a lot of experiences talk and it definately made us think of our future and the world differently .

In between , we ate , we drink , we laughed , we cleaned , we prepared , we enjoyed :)

End up take away lots of food and threw away lots of it too because can't eat them all .
Each of us has a chicken and half a duck to eat ( luckily the duck is shared between 2 persons) if not , we have to eat 1 duck 1 chicken each ... and it's going to be my meals for 2 days!

Eating after our fruit carvings

Marazieco , Daniel , William , Han , Karl

Me , Bev , Kelly , Lu Shen , David , Terence , Jeff , SioSen , Rebekah

Then , around 5.30pm we had a short break to wash our stuffs and prepare for later's carving .
Mr Tayboon asked us to the bar and suddenly said he wanted to treat us an aperitif from France .

We acted dumb like we dunno what was the occasion , but ended up we suprised him with a birthday cake !

With other FnB lecturers , haha
he almost tear :P

Mr Daya , gave him his present

He was so happy and speechless .

Giving his "thank you guys" speech .

How old R U? :P
His favourite cheesecake.

Then he suprised us again by opening Domaine de Lamothe's Gaillac
Vintage 2005 , tasted a bit like honey and goes well with the cheesecake!

The aperitif that he first opened . This tasted really really nice , like lychee flavour.
All of us love this so much . It costs only about 7 euros in France .

Cutting his cake ...

The 3rd bottle , Robert Cremant de Limoux ..
quite dry taste because its Brut

SioSen , David and Chef Karam

With Mr G!
Big G lol!

Then we had to practice carving duck .
Bev & I shared a duck.

Bev carving...

Then my turn ...

& I didn't know this pic was taken ! I'm smiling somemore dunno why .. lol

Mr Tayboon watching ...

End result? & It was heating and eating time again.

Enjoying our ducks...


My chicken after it was carved :S so long didn't carve chicken , since 9 months ago I think .

Preparing for our flambee...

SioSen with her " I feel Good " pose !

First flambe our pineapple...

Before flambee , got time camwhore!

End result , my sauce not enough :( haha pineapple absorbed all the sugar

Then we did banana carving and flambeed again .

Simply plate it already , more like doing for fun one

Mr Tayboon thought my sauce looked over-browned , he said it looks like I'm making chocolate sauce ! HAHAHA!

But wait till he saw Joel's , the moment we all looked we all laughed so hard!

Super dark like soy sauce!! hahaha and Mr Tayboon was like , why Sabahan like to make chocolate sauce ah?

Then I answered him : Because we're not tan enough ba ! LOL

Funny , the moment I saw this I laughed till I couldn't stand straight .

Anyways , more pictures on facebook .

Missing the fun times we had.


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