Indulgence .
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I'll start this post with a joke told by my Human Resource lecturer on last monday .

We all laughed before she even started telling us her joke because she normally don't joke and then because it was already the last class , she was being sarcastic and all that and then she decided to share with us a joke which was ...

One day , there was this 3 person who wanted to go to heaven and so they went to meet GOD.
First one was a priest , he told GOD that he saved a lot of lives through prayers but GOD said NO.
The second one was a doctor , he told GOD that he saved a lot of lives too but GOD said No.
The third and the last person was a lecturer , he/she said he/she wanted to go to heaven .
GOD answered the lecturer yes you will go to heaven because you've been through hell! haha

Of course all the lecturers been through hell having had to taught us all these while , when you get students like us being rebellious all the time .

Mr Gopi was freaking tall! 193cm vs Beverley and Bebe , 151cm...he's like a giant hahaha!

See him posing there for me , he knows I'm taking his picture hahaha stand so straight somemore lol!

Trials is like next week , and our lectures ended yesterday . Left one more practical tommorow and exams are on , but look what we did in class this entire week ...

playing iphone applications , psp , ipoding ...camwhoring..
it's like we don't have any exams at all . We're supposed to study but instead we slacked even more!

so so dead . :X

Fingers cramped lol

So it's wednesday today . No class as usual so Bev & I went to Sunway Pyramid and did little shoppings again for groceries and that makes me spent rm 250 on friggin groceries in 1 week...I dunno what I bought but yes , I'm definately stocking for final exam month ... going to cook at home since we're not going out that period . I guess? lol 20 days of exams! omg..

We had ice creams just now after so long for not eating them .

and the best place to have my favourite macademia nut ice cream?

Boy , I miss coming here and yes I'm happy to be here again .

My cookies & cream + macademia nut ice cream + chocolate chips ice cream
feel the fats? Indulgence . Yumm.

Bev's Belgian Waffle and cream + Coffee ice cream

Us trying clothes at one of the shop ...

& then Gavin came . Then they started shopping for presents , Father's day and Birthday presents ... and I shopped for myself .

I dunno how many times we turned around in circles in Sunway Pyramid . LOL

We had herbal teas for tea time . I know , after ice creams :P

and for dinner?

Carl's Junior . Because Gavin haven't try them before.

Awfully bloated by the time we finished this . Had to walk few extra rounds to digest the foods we had in 6 hours haha

& I bought a new bag :) Another maroon-nish bag , a new waist belt , a White Gardenia perfume from Bodyshop ( left 2 bottles!) and a seventeen mag .

Oh look at all the vouchers Haagen Dazs gave me
anybody kind enough to buy me Haagen Dazs ice cream cake which cost rm 198 please let me know . I'll give you the voucher so we can get additional 500g upgrade on the ice cream cake :P
Hahaha kidding!

or anybody plans to get Haagen Dazs ice cream anytime soon? 25% discount.

btw , Coffee Bean is reopening soon ! 29th of May 2009.
Buy 1 get 1 free ice blended drink voucher , anybody up for it? :)

AH.Trials is on next week , and I dunno what to expect ! :(
Help !


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