Hate today .
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I hate my friggin term 6 french lecturer so much right now .

Not that I ever like her anyway , but what she did today is just totally , f . up .

So much of respecting her all these while .

Well , okay Im back to blog about what happened this morning .

So , I had to wake up like so early this morning to attend this French oral trial exam that I am having this week .

and guess what ? It was hell .

I was waiting there for my turn , and end up when it's my turn , after friggin almost 2 hours ...

my lecturer looked at me and she said : "Girl , I don't think today I'll be seeing you . "

Her reasons : I've appointment with someone .
My taxi is waiting down there .

And she goes like , girl can we just do it next class?

She even purposely looked at me then showed her watch to the girl that presented before me telling her that she's rushing , you know that face ... purposely trying to show kinda thing? Then I looked at her and I glanced away pretending I didn't see her .

Then she purposely took her sweet time teaching her words by words how to explain and such when she is so called " rushing "?

Then she also kept texting in front of us to so called show us that someone is waiting for her .

Really , so WTH I've been waiting for so long at least when I am prepared give me the chance to speak la ?!

So I insisted I said , just let me do it now la! I don't want to wait anymore ... and I promise I'll talk fast .

Well , then she gave me the chance .

So I sat there , as I talked , someone approached her and started questioning her things and I had to stop talking .

After like wasting my 2 minutes there , she looked at me . So I continued with describing about myself . Then , she stopped me and asked me to describe about my cousins .

So I gave her the Huh ? face because I wasn't ready for that . Then , I said okay . So without thinking , I answered her , then suddenly she stopped me .

I taught I said something wrong but no , she said I need to go out and get my water bottle refilled .

This got me really feeling upset , I mean I am half way doing my trials and you gave me the chance to talk when you're rushing and instead of me wasting your time you wasted mine and you can't even bother to respect me when I'm talking??!

Its not like I took 10 minutes to talk , while others had like 10-15 mins per person! You even gave them 2nd or 3rd time chances to talk to you just because they're stucked half way and others had to wait for like hours for their turn? How is that being fair to us that is waiting ?

So she came in after she refilled her bottle , and so I got to continue talking for like another 1 minutes describing about my cousins , and then she showed me a picture , a random one whereby I'm supposed to ask her like 5 questions regarding the things / places / foods that she gave us .

Immediately after she showed me the picture , I asked her 5 questions , all regarding about cars . First 4 she can answer ...

till the 5th one , she paused for a moment and gave me the face of " Oh , I don't know " thing and she said this to me : " since you asked me this question , why not you answer? "

Obviously , if you know you won't ask me to answer right? Because the main purpose of this section is for me to ask and for her to answer .

I straight told her can , but I don't know the word steel in french . It's not in any of my syllabus anyways , I mean how often do you use the word steel? So I ask her la ...
guess what she answered me?

" Okay , you find out the word in french and you tell me next week ( which is our next class ) , and I need to go now . * Packed her bags and left the class .

So I'm like wtf la , I only dunno one word and you're saying that to me , just because you want to leave you're using that as an excuse . Moreover , I didn't even talk more than 5 minutes .

Others who don't know anything you'll be like helping them and talk crap for the next dunno how many minutes which slowed everyone down ...waste people's time only . If I know today I don't even go for her friggin trials .

f.y.i : she's the kind of lecturer that the moment the clock strikes the supposed allocated time she will straight pack her bags and leave the class , regardless she finish with teaching or explaining to her students things that they're learning . All she thinks about is leaving the class . Which , much explains why she is a sucky lecturer because her principles as a lecturer failed .

Before she left , I even asked her ... so since we stopped at section 2 , so next class where shall I start my trials again from? Section 1?? then she said no , start from where you stopped . Then , I asked her again since she gave me the Section 3 question already which I am supposed to prepare on the spot too does that still count for the next class or I have to present something else ? She said its up to me .

Sounded nice huh? NO!

The problem with her is , when I talked , she didn't bother to listen properly ... all that she's thinking is refill her water bottle , pack her bag and she want to leave the class like as if if you don't leave now any minute you will die . She didn't even take down any marks for what I've presented and the next time I'm going to meet her I just have to present the last section ? How will that help me with my marks?? So much of being a lecturer , she doesn't even know how to respect people when they're talking .

Curse her. I hate her so much now .

Thanks to her , I learnt nothing in term 6's french class and now even my trials I am not allowed to do it properly with my rights as a student . Stupid .

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