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Friday, May 15, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

This week has been a tiring one . Been busy with school stuffs as usual , trials is in like 2 weeks time , final exams is like in 4 weeks time :( *screams .

Anyway , last night was out with Bev and Rebekah after our serving practical class . It was already 11.30pm and we didn't have our dinner so we were so hungry . As usual la after practical class , and Rebekah insisted we go out to eat ... so we went KFC at SS15 .

How sinful to eat fried chicken , with mash potatoes + cheesy wedges with cheese + cokes + chips with jalepeno cheese at that hour :P
We had so much fun eating and talking about religions .

Oh , and I found few old pictures taken weeks ago before practical class .

Memories .

Inside the locker room .

At Annexe's toilet hahaha!

Restaurant's restroom . haha!

Oh and there was this Bittersweet Symphony fair about Coffee and Pastries at school on the 14th and 15th which is today .

I bought this little muffins from there . I chosed Kiwi , strawberry , coconut , green tea , oreo , and Double Chocolate .

It's nice . No regrets :)

A few companies participated , such as Big Apple , Bisou , Illy , Hydraskin , Prestine , Victoria , Chocos companies , cream puffs companies , the siew pau shop at pyramid and alot more .

But the main thing here is the Muesli bars that Prestine is selling .

They have this testers for people to try out their muesli bars .

It looks good , and they're selling if for RM10 .

Buy 1 free 2!

Where got so good right?

Well most of the people of course tempted to buy la... but thank god , dear friend Beverley got this email and she said this brand is not good .

Wonder why?

Here is why .

Apparently , someone bought it before and his daughter ate it . Then wondered why there is something weird in between the muesli bars .

Spot the white thingy in this picture?

The father immediately checked it , and discovered that it was actually WORM EGGS!

and he actually saw worms moving around it!

I was so shocked when I heard it , and yesterday the man was showing me the tester and asked me to try it out . Thank god I didn't . But , I swear I saw the tester ... its like crushed somehow but I saw the white white thing is still there .

Only to find out when I saw this email , its actually the worm eggs!

C'est Gross!

So now people , watch what you're going to buy , and observe before you actually put anything into your mouth . If you suspect something odd in it , don't take it . You might never know whats in it .

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