J.Pops Day.
Sunday, May 17, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

I finally tried JCO Donut's Baby Donuts yesterday .

Has a really cute name , J.Pops .

These are fake ones . :P

Looks very real huh?

Went there with Bev , ordered our beverages ..as usual mine is Hot choco , and they always give us free donuts ... those 2 are free .

These are the flavours of the J.Pops. Bev & I had one each , altogether each of us ate 12 donuts . :X ate until so full we didn't manage to eat our dinner haha

This is the real deal , We waited this for an hour !

If you like Jco donuts , but you don't know what to order... fret not . Now you only have to say the magic words of " I want J.Pops . " and there you go you have everything ready for you :p

Tried this dress at one of the boutiques in Asian Avenue .

First image , the dress I wore cost rm 160 and Bev was wearing the rm40 one which I looked fat in it .

Was thinkin whether to get the dress , but dunno if it is really worth the price so I didn't .

After that , we went other places for a walk . I bought myself a top , new green colour nail polish from Etude , while Bev got herself a new bikini from Billabong which she dreamt of since forever :P and a top to go with it from Roxy . We went into almost each and every female clothing shop until we got so blur . Its like when we were at Nichii , Bev wanted to tell me she might want to go back to the shop that she saw this really nice top , and asking if I can remember where is it , and I'm like..umm..is it the one at MNG? eh no , Top shop?? Eh not la...then she's like , is it Elle? Haha , then I finally remembered , its at Dorothy Perkins :S

Fun times .

Just remembered , tommorow I will have my French Oral again , hopefully it goes well this time .


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