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So , this week is already the 7th week .

2 more weeks to trials . 4 more weeks to final exams , and my birthday .

Do you believe in coincidence? I do .

There are so many coincidences that happened in my life at times I wondered why , or how , or what for?

One example of coincidence in my life , my birthday this year .

As if having normal practical class is not bad enough on normal days .
The fact that I am having final exams during my birthday , I have to accept .
But whats worst of all is this time the final exam for restaurant practical falls on my birthday!

That is like the worst thing ever and it have to happen on my birthday , giving me a really memorable Diploma years in Taylors College .

Of all 19 days of exam from June 1st - 19th , it did not fall on any other day but 16th June!
I dunno to say I'm lucky or what , it's like a karma somehow . Sigh .

It's just so , sad .

On the other hand ,

Yesterday's class was just pretty normal .

Except that , we took pictures , again .

Some of my girls classmates ...

I hate this pic lol..

Siosen & Rebekah

Dunno what are we talking that time ..

It was supposed to be a funny picture , but the other 5 girls are smiling so :S

With Karl & Joel

After knowing our Human Resource project marks , we got quite low for it (27/40) but still the highest . Amazing , but yea the lecturer sucked . We argued with her during our submission over few things . So we kinda expected our marks will be , terrible .

I know , too many same faces pictures

Oh , and we got back our assignment papers from Mr Gopi for Tourism and Hospitality , one of the essays la , we don't have calculations one for this paper . But , a friend of mine =D lol ...wrote some calculation on the paper , and our lecturer commented on the paper ..
" calculation on tourism essay paper , interesting . " hahahaha!

Most of us got , Good Job , good work , nice work , nice job , *insert some dirty jokes by Mr Gopi , yes each and every one brings different meaning to him LOL .

Now the school's bakery has a new packaging bag for the pastries that we purchase . Nice design :)

See this guy here , is the one with the calculation essay . See him so hardworking , came in the class so early , yet finding out he is actually ,

Playing Dota!
A habit that the guys in my class never change since 3 terms ago :S

That's Jeff with his new monk haircut lol..

Punished for being late for Mr Gopi's class .

This week's punishment is performing Yoga .

Normally , dance or sing .

Even yawning is not allowed in this class , one time caught yawning and you'll get it .

But , eating during this class is allowed . :)

Thanks to this men ,

Mr Gopi !

haha , kena caught candid when I said : Sir! then *snapped lol...I bet he'll kill us all if he saw this hahahaha but he's a really cool lecturer .

Imagine him relating dirty stuffs with our syllabus , he never fail to make us laugh during his classes and we all enjoyed it all .

His favourite quotes : " SIAO ah you people! " hahaha
" Crazy la you all "
" I am not teaching sexology here! " LOL

He's one of the sarcastic yet funny lecturer in Taylors that I ever had . Going to miss these classes soon . :(

check this video out , Zee Avi . A new raising Malaysia singer , just recently recorded an album in LA. She's the featured singer on youtube now . You can also download her songs from Itunes .


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