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TGIF? .. NO! I forgot that I have replacement classes tommorow (on a saturday!) until 2 hours ago . lol .

I just had fresh lychees for desserts and some of it was so sour :S!

anyways ,

I am lucky to still have wonderful friends around me :)

On wednesday night , Kien Wai & Daniel fetched me for dinner at KimGary . Had fun chit-chatting . Bumped into Mary & Roger at the cinema .

My really heavy eel + mussel cheese baked rice for dinner . It was yummy .

Then , last night after my practical class at 10.45pm , both of them along with Loh fetched me from school and off we went to watch Night at the Museum 2 .

Siosen was so nice to offer me a ride when she knew I am going for movies but the guys already waited for me at school . What suprised me was , Karl called Bev up after we dropped Bev off at Mentari Court and he was asking where am I and he said he wanted to offer a ride to me since he is going SunwayPyramid too . So touched to know that :) Thanks guys .

Daniel told me that he bought me those little strawberry dipped sugar dessert , I was like woot? Such a sweetheart . Haha , didn't expect he will buy that all of a sudden for me . At first I didn't believe it , but Loh and Kien wai said he did but he ate them already . Hahahahah! and he said he'll buy them again for me . :S and I still wonder why all of a sudden he was so thoughtful ... :P hehe anyways ,

The movie was quite good , had a great time laughing . But , I guess not many people really get the jokes , because everytime 4 of us laughed , is like the cinema is in complete silence =S and they only laughed when they see something cute and all that .

Oh and only before the movie started , I realised my housekey was inside my bag which I passed to Bev and I go OMG haha was like thinking I am so going to stay out whole night today with Daniel and Loh because 3 of us didn't have class today , and they're happy about it!

Saw Chris and Daphnee there too after movies .

But , luckily one of my cousin is still at the mamak around 2+am so he waited for me and I have a spare key to go into my room or else I'll have to wear my practical uniform till morning! Haha

I really like the part when the guy answered : " No ,its only for decoration purpose . " with his blanked and speechless face . LOL

Later that , headed to Mustaffa for my dinner+supper . I ate a lot last night , from the moment we stepped into the cinema until the time before I got home which was already 3am . =D

Woke up and went to Bev's house to study a bit and take my stuffs until Rebekah suddenly asked whether we wanted to buy knives . So , off we went to a kitchenware factory called Hocatsu and Taylor's Student get 20% off any items from there . We didn't know the way until we called one of our lecturer and he lead us there .

The things there are nice , lots of varieties ... comparable with EuroChef's but some things you can only get in Hocatsu and vice-versa .

On the way home , Rebekah offered us a ride to Island Red Cafe for dinner but end up Bev & I walked there because we wanted to eat our dinner earlier .

Bev is on diet still . So bread toasts for her .

My penang style curry chicken . It was not spicy , a bit tomyamish taste :)

Tried the food there , it was just okay . Nothing really special , price was reasonable . Service was okay .

Something special happened yesterday during practical class . One of my lucky classmate , asked a girl for a chance during our "last" practical class for this term , because the next 2 classes will be practice session and final exam .

It was really sweet and romantic of him . Our whole class supported him , even our lecturer hahaha . All of us keep saying congratulations , and clapped our hands when he presented her a rose and a plate of dessert written with the word " will you be mine? " using chocolate .

She accepted him . :)

Really lucky and happy for him . Teehee .

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