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Last wednesday , dinner was at Sunway Pyramid again . Was studying the whole half day and got fed up with my summary and essay on Sports Tourism in Malaysia .

Seriously , hate writing them after so long in Taylors , we hardly ever write so much already and when we have to write , it reminds me so much of being in high school .

Dinner at TGIF on wednesday was great , Daniel claimed that he haven't eat the whole day and was super - uberly hungry but amazingly , that night all he could eat was the steak burger that he himself couldn't finish :D lol

Imagine the portion ? LOL

Beverley as usual , on diet now ... all that she ordered was Shanghai style chicken salad . Very oriental eh , its like a mixture of veggies + chicken + mandarin oranges .

I ordered Clam Chowder soup as my appetizer .

Apparently , TGIF is not greedy at all with their clams =D the soup was really tasty , there was thyme and chunks of potatoes too .

and for my main course I ordered sandwiches . Boy , look at the melted cheese . This was one very filling cheese sandwich , comes with the fries which I couldn't finish .

Too bad the sandwich is filled with onions! I really hate them .

I felt like vomiting after eating this . Bloated with cheese .

Poor guy , here he was still giving the thumbs up and that night we were talking about handphones and such . Yesterday he just lost his :X what a coincidence .

So , I was the manager for yesterday's dinner service .

Yesterday's menu was Orange Salad , Grill Dory fish with Hollandaise Sauce , and Mango Flambee .

Everything went well , which was good :)

we had sudden quiz session on champagne throughout the entire dinner service .

First it was 8 champagne labels .

All of us had hard time answering that , because most of us only knew like max 5!

and then , I went and search for answers :P

then passed the informations around so we got all 8 .

Then after dinner service , which was already 10.30pm ... we had another quiz session on champagne .

This time 10 labels! haha and we had to write them on the paper and show it to the lecturer .

Then he questioned us about wine again as usual before he dismissed us .

Overall , we had fun and learnt :)

owh ...last night's main course's vegetable was something special .

Its kinda like Thai Style Vegetable Salad consist of

Zuchini , Eggplant , Coriander , Onions , Shallots , Garlic , Olive Oil , Sesame Oil , Fish Sauce , Thai Sauce

So many things inside , until when I was asking the chefs its like an interview sessions with 7 of them!

Yes only 7 of them last night cooked for 74 pax , amazing :) although few of the fish wasn't cooked well and was sent back to the kitchen ... and the queue was so long , everyone was waiting ... lecturer got mad , guests got upset ... yeah things like that...

I bet they had fun doing them too . They even have time to take pictures after everything :)

Marinating the fillet fish

the 7 chefs

time for me to do something else . till then .


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