Et Patiti Et Patata
Tuesday, May 5, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

" La Vie de Cossard "

means The Life of a lazy bum .

Yup , I've been living my life like one for quite some time now and I seriously hate it .

argh , and finals is like few weeks away! Trials starting next monday , French Oral that is .

I swear its going to be a tough one :(

sigh .

Anyways , last week's weekends was spent going to Pyramid again .

Saturday was for shoppings , Sunday was because I need to get my centrepieces and supposedly on Monday I am supposed to follow Denise and Bev there to eat dinner but end up I couldn't .

Was having flu and felt awfully awful especially in the morning . I think I am dehydrated . I drank so much fluids it doesn't help and my lips cracked like nobody business even lip balm doesn't help .

Owh yaah , we had a nice dinner at Ole Ole Bali . I really like that place so I suggested to Bev that why not we have our dinner so yeah we did .

It's my Ayam Betutu . The portion was so huge , 2 person can eat this whole thing! The chicken they gave me was like half of a chicken!

With lots of condiments , which I didn't take at all ... Bev helped me to eat them :P

Bev's dinner , Grill Fish ..
The fish was so fresh . Tasty .

My Virgin Pina Colada I think , I forgot the name ... but it was mixture of pineapple juice , coconut and cream . Yummy !

Bev's new favourite drink ! She can't get enough of this! haha...mixture of mint + honeydew + honey..

I bought myself a new harddisk too because I have too many things to store right now but I didn't take the picture though .

& Lately , I've been on Itunes quite often and Youtube because my ipod needed new songs .

I found and downloaded a lot of songs from this 2 young talented singers , heard of them for quite some time actually but just recently found more of their songs and most of them are good!
Kina Grannis

on <--check her out! and David Choi ! I know he looks like some terrorist here but his vocals are good . <-- check him out! They did quite a number of covers too ... and I'm sharing with you all " Forever "

and their own duet " My Time With You " . Enjoy :)

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