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So , I decided to blog about the stupid freaking "oh - so - good " Taylor's College library management system .

Something happened to me yesterday after my tiring day at school , same goes for today when I had to take the trouble going back to school for the sake of checking out the so called "trouble" the librarians gave me is cleared eventhough they said they will , and I don't even have friggin class today ok , but NO! they gave me more shitty business and really pisses me off and I argued for another one hour today and things still come to no avail . Really WTF.

It all started yesterday when I told Sio Sen & Bev I wanted to go library to borrow some french books la since final exams is just around the corner , so we all decided to go to the library to borrow books . After choosing the books we wanted to borrow , we headed to the counter only to find the librarians asking us to use the computer to check out the book ourselves . Fine . So , we went and then theres problems borrowing those books . So , Bev & Siosen went to the counter again and this time they managed to borrow the book but not me . Apparently , the librarian ( a lady ) told me that , my card was barred from borrowing book . The record stated that I have 3 unreturned book , which 2 was found to be returned LATE , and another one is said to be still with me .

I was so freaking mad , and curious at the same time . I mean wth , as far as I know when I borrow a book , I don't even wait for 1 week to return it . Those books are references books for last term's Food Service management project and the projects was completed like , 2 months ago , straight after the forms are photostated .

But , the thing is ... the books are returned by my dear friend , Siosen & Rebekah via Book Drop.

So the lady librarian argued with me , then Siosen & Bev helped out by insisting that we did already returned the book .

The lady still don't believe and said , if we can find the book around the library , then they will clear the account .

So fine la , she gave me 2 book codes and then we went to find but only managed to find one of it . So , while I was searching for the other one , my friend Bebe came and saw me and she asked me what am I doing there . So I told her the story and she said , on the day Siosen returned the book , she saw the book and she told the librarian to open the bookdrop so she can borrow the books .

The librarian , being a smart ass she was , opened up the book drop and let her take whatever book she wanted and didn't even bother to check in then check out the book .

Bebe took the book into the library , did some references and just put them back on the shelves .


Then , after I found the book , we went again to talk to the librarian , and relate the whole situation to her . She still insisted that the book was only returned on the 30th March .
Which is so stupid , when we returned the book like way longer than that , and on the 27th March at night I already left to Singapore la , how can my soul come and return books?Somemore everyone was already in a holiday mood la .

This means that , the book was placed back at the shelves and someone borrowed it after me and only return back on the 30th March , and fuck I got the blame for returning the book late!

then , those librarians keep insisting that , it is not possible for the book to be borrow by somebody if the book is not returned back .

So , wtf did I have to pay for some books that couldn't be check out yet in my record it was returned late on the day I'm not even here? And how did they even managed to check out the book when it is in the library yet have no record of it but only the record of the book being check in?

Then , the librarian didn't know what else to do but to ask me to talk to another man in the office . So , we 3 went in and started questioning , answering and relating the situation to the guy .

He told us that , it is not wise to return the book via book drop . Oh hello? I asked him then your bookdrop is for what? Display? Then he shut up and then continued saying , its better before dropping it , show the librarians what book is it then drop it in. OMG thats the worst thing I ever heard . IMAGINE you have 100 books returned in a day la , and everyone who is going to return the book via book drop has to show your librarian the book just to get your librarian's to nod their head as if they can remember what books are you returning . You think they care to remember? or CAN remember?

And then you keep insisted , your bookdrop will be checked everyday . Oh hey ho? How can you check the book when the book is not there but at the shelves without even checked in , and then you say the book was not returned until the 30th which is like weeks after we returned the book .

Apparently , he seemed to be a slow guy who don't friggin get what are we trying to say . After repeating things over and over , he said ok .. he asked me to come back tommorow( which is today) to see the lady and make sure the charges are cleared because the lady who is responsible is on MC . Before I left , I even told the guy , I can bring my itineary and show you if you want prove and he was so scared , and he said no need . The worst part? I couldn't borrow any books and F to that .

I guessed I was so mad in that one hour , and my voice was so freaking loud , after coming out from the office .. a random guy who was photostating at the library came to me and asked me what happened to my books . LOL

Today , I went to the library again , to borrow the books I wanted , and still I can't borrow any . The books I wanted to borrow , was not there anymore . THANKS A LOT to these people I can't even borrow the book I want anymore because it was not available . Another librarian told me the same thing , that the 2 books was okay already . Left one more , he mentioned that this book is still with me . I was very mad and I straight walked into the office and told the guy I talked to yesterday that I HAVE NO MORE BOOKS WITH ME . Didn't I make it clear?

Then he started telling me , yesterday I told him this n that blah blah ... and it is IMPOSSIBLE for a person to borrow few books ?

Oh come on , what is the impossibility ratio? It is all about our project , 3-4 references books is not enough . So , you tell me what is the impossibility of my friend taking out few books at once since your careless librarians gave her the permission to do so? And don't tell me , nobody go library borrow more than one book?

Again , the MC lady today was there and she gave me another book no and went to look for the book with Bev and I .

Apparently , we found the book but it has a different code . The one that they claimed I'm still holding now is still missing .

So Bev was asking la , what if the book was borrowed by someone?

She said its not possible . Then I told her straight to the face , if is is not possible , then whats with the other 2 books? Both books are checked out and only returned after so long which is the 30th . No traces that the book was borrowed but traces that the book was returned on the 30th?Who borrowed the book after it was returned to the library without it being checked in ? The lady shut up for a moment there . I think she finally see some sense there , then she turned back to the guy to ask what to do . The guy talked cock sense to me , by saying its not possible la , blah blah blah .

He even said things like , how sure am I my friend returned the book ? I told him I'm damn sure , and why won't I? She was here explaining to you yesterday and crap now you telling me how sure am I? How sure am I they actually put it into the bookdrop? My goodness .

Even said that , I wasn't there and I don't have the eyes .

Then he questioned me for trusting my friends . Eh hello? If you're done with a book , you borrow your friends is it wrong?

Then they kept on telling me , to call and ask my friends whether they have returned the book . I said they WAS HERE yesterday talking to you , like they said they've already returned and so what ? By listening to their story , you already know your own staff did a wrong mistake which is opening up the book drop and let random people to just take a book without even checking them in first then out .

Why did you defended your own staff in that?

After another hour of argument , I asked the guy , so what now? I can't even borrow a single book now?

He said no , until they can find the book . Then the lady asked the guy how long will they find the book , the guy said dunno ? Oh hell dunno you jerk , you think we pay you MYR320 library fees per term is for you to just sit down and shake your legs ? Oh god damn , even the library fees that I'm paying are way expensive than that so called book that is lost . The lady then asked me to leave my number and she'll give me a call .

The guy then said , he wants to meet my friends again , to ask them when is the date they returned the book and what time . GOD knows who want to remember . I ask you la if you can remember . He then said , so that they can check the CCTV to prove that the book was returned and taken out . WTF .
Then the girl asked me if I would like to pay for the book , smiling . I said oh hell no I'm going to pay a single cent for it . for what? to cover you people's mistake? to lessen your trouble to find the book? to prove that I'm guilty?

Paying RM2k of library fees and I can't borrow any books for mistakes that you people did ? And the bullshit excuses I get ? I can sue you for that .

I walked out straight after that . Bev was pissed off too , she walked out with this line : " Oh goodness , people who can afford to study in Taylors won't even need to steal your book . "

SCREW THEM. Soon I'm going to turn to Programme Office it its not settle .

Really , mood spoiler .

On the other hand , I went to Sunway Pyramid after that . With GG , Denise & Bev .

Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food that I just bought just now , cost me RM135 but I really like it .

And the substitute of The Books of Ingredients that I'm finding all these while , got them from SG for RM101...Bev got it for RM91 at MPH just now but the publishers are different .

Bought a new book and a top . Ate at Hot Piper but didn't bother to take pics . Then , went to watch Confession of a Shopaholic . It was really a nice movie . Very sweet and sad love story too . We all enjoyed it .

Some of the things I bought from SG...

I'm supposed to blog about my singapore trip again , but I'll guess I'll continue it in my next post .


Never believed that things happen for a reason.
But how this turned out removed all my thoughts so believe
That for you I'd do it all over again.
All I went through led me to you
So I'd do it all over again ... for you.

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