A random weekend.
Saturday, April 11, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

This entire weekend everything was unplanned .

Was out with the girls to Asia Cafe for lunch yesterday before it rained heavily , just because I don't have class on friday now .

After lunch , we head back to Mentari Court and dropped GG off before went to Midvalley for shoppings.

We had Japanese food at Yo Sushi for dinner , first time there .

The server was damn funny , and irritating yet nice at the same time .

Its hard to describe how funny he was but he is nice la , in the end theres a plate of sushi that cost RM8 he counted us free this .

We had quite an amount of sushis ranging from RM3-RM16 per plate =S

Then headed home to shower and packed , then off to Denise's house for sleepover .

Listened to the cds we bought earlier on , Bossa Novas is always my favourites ... listened to Denise's new cd too , the songs all evergreen love songs , we listened until we got so emo . sigh .

Morning woke up , Denise and Bev went for a swim . I went for my tanning session .

The sun was so o.m.g . 3 of us is so tanned right now .

we get to know 2 African Ladies at the pool , very friendly people .

Then , we were supposed to go to David Archuleta's concert because we got free tickets from Denise's cousin who is not interested .

I really like all of his songs since he started out at American Idol ...

But , we decided not to . Instead we headed to Sunway Pyramid's Italiannes for lunch and it rained .

Bev and I both had 4 types of cheeses pizza each for lunch and Denise had Penne Bolognese .

Then , we walked around ... tried out some clothes ... and took some ss pictures inside the fitting room too . LOL .

Bev pierced her ears , then we were talking about piercing our nose and so on .

& the funnest part of all ,

I pierced my navel .

together with Beverley .

After , 30 minutes of thinking . haha , we were so scared and all that until our palms got sweaty and stuffs it was so funny !

Denise dared me .

She said if I pierce my navel she will pierce her ears again .

And so I did . She pierced her ears =D

Bev wanted to do hers also , so today she had 2 piercings haha.

I like my navel ring , it was light blueish with pink flower kinda thing .

Bev one was nice also , dark blue flowery thing .

Our navel rings are one of its kind .

The whole process was so intense . Haha , especially when you have lots of people around you watching you getting pierced and showing you those "ouch" faces . really wth .

In the process ...it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be .

Owh the redness around my tummy is due to the tan ... hahah can see my chicken pox scars =((


Totally random =D

I like my tan now .

& I had another fun day with the girls , merci beaucoup :)

Happy Easter Day everyone =) .


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