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Monday, April 13, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

This post is supposed to be about the zoo trip at Singapore ... but the very last minute , result was out half an hour ago .

Was so scared of checking it , haha I actually shiver and had butterflies on my stomach .

The result wasn't that bad as I expected . The paper that managed to make everyone wanted to jump building , I managed to pass . Thank you Lord !

Last term I got 16.32 and this term my grades did dropped a bit , 0.4 but still at least its not that bad and this term is indeed much tougher , considering I had chicken pox and I missed 19 classes last term ! so I shall :)

What upset me most is , I only got 15.92 and not 16 .

Everything is over 20 because the French system states , 20 = 100%

With 15.92 - Its very honourable pass .
16.00 - Its very honourable pass with congratulations from jury.

So you see why am I sad =(

LOL , one can't be too greedy and still I'm thankful no fail papers yet .

Believe it or not , I scored higher for French compared to English .

and 19.80/20 for my Law !

Zoo pictures...

no captions , because I'm rushing now . So much to do , so little time . Enjoy . Tatas .

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