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Monday, April 6, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Finally have time to blog a bit more about my trip .

Oh btw , people ... Let me warn you , if you're hungry don't continue reading this post yet .

I've been posting a lot of food pictures and a lot of people is complaining how their salivas are dripping and how often they get hungry reading my blog =D

But hey! Bear with me . I'm studying food and beverages management so I have to explore food .

Hahah =P

So then ...

Went to a place called City Space at Cityhall for drinking session last friday evening .

It was located at the 70th floor ( the highest floor of the building ) , our view? Pure awesome .

The whole of Singapore .

Seated there witnessing sunset then at night when all the lights are on .

Below are just few of the pictures .

The view at night ...
with all the lights on , beautiful .

Sunset ...

evening time ... still very bright ..

The bar ...

Enjoying the view ...

The Building where City Space is located .

So windy , our hair also omg ...

Fullerton Hotel Lobby...

Spot the Merlion .. lol

Before City Space , we had lunch at Esplanade .

At a place called ,

A very nice and peaceful place indeed , the hostess was a very friendly white lady .

One of the servers also a white man , very attentive guy .

Chef Florent was the chef who prepared us which such amazing , nicely presented food .

Food Art <3

Nice but it comes with a nice price also , sad .

43+Sgd per person but having 17 types of different things ...

its actually okay , just the portion ... but it was very filling!

How the food was presented on our table .

Its salmon belly ..

Sliced watermelon with sliced beef

Fish ...

Corn + carrot+ tomato risotto , i dislike this haha
it has really weird taste ..

These are mushrooms ...fried warm mushrooms..

Very nice chicken wings , but it was tad bit too salty ..

Heaven god , I adore this so much . Lamb..with mashed potato ..

Beef with Mashed potato ..

Strawberry yogurt , very nice ... smooth and sweet taste..

Banana ice cream + Chocolate Brownies (including macademia nuts and gold chunks as garnishing )


Green Apple Sorbet , with chunks of apples ..

The interior design of the restaurant...

Had japanese food too the other day ,

as usual , ordered my soft shell crab ... but it can't beat the one Sakae Sushi has..=S

My dinner , my favourite eel and salmon..

Sis tried the beef curry , it was good too .

Alan's sliced beef claypot soup ... the soup tastes good

and the day before I left , I had Popeyes at the airport . I like the chicken there and the mashed potatoes was good ...the red bean rice ...didn't taste any difference in it ...
They offered cute little biscuits too , which is yummy but has a very strong butter taste .

Term 6 commenced today .

I can already start to feel the pressure and , sigh .. 9 weeks then we'll have to suffer all the way till the 12th weeks .

Projects and presentations is getting more and more as each day passed .

I shall stop procrastinating now , shower and start doing my french for tommorow's presentation .


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