Continuation of my SG trip
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Starship Virgo at Vivo City... the view at night is awesome..

Yea smokers , "ugly butts" thanks to you people .

Marche for dinner...

Personally , i like their concept . But , the Marche in KL is so different compared to this one .

In here you have to queue for like 10 -15 mins for table and it is always full house .

Not because the place is small , but the food . Awesome .

A Must Have dish at Marche : Pork Knuckle . You can't get this in Malaysia too .

Today was a fun and relaxing day .
Started out my day having brunch at Wisma something at Orchard road before headed to Takashimaya for a walk .

After about an hour , we headed to the 16th floor of Takashimaya , TrueSpa for spa and massage session .

I started out with Hydrospa , chose Greentea to go with it ( for detoxification )

After about half an hour I felt the difference in my body , it was nice soaking inside the jacuzzi without disturbances =D

Owh , I have the entire Couple room all by myself .
After Hydrospa , I had full face to toes massage for 1 and a half hour .
I fall asleep during the massage session .
After that , awake feeling fresh & alive again . =D

Alan & I had the same appointment .
My sis only get to do the foot spa and full body massage due to some reason .
It costs us 100+ SGD per person for this . =S

After everything ended , they gave us more green teas and fruits to eat =S

Then , straight after message , we headed down to Marina ... Mandarin Oriental Hotel for Martini drinking session .

The place is called Morton . Apparently , it was only 5.15pm and the place is already so packed with people . Working people , mostly angmohs and I'm like the youngest there...people kept on staring and I didn't know until the time we left Morton , the door actually has the sign " only above 21 can enter" hahaha

Appletini for sis , chocotini for moi , lycheetini for Alan .

yummy yummy .

I've never seen a bar that is so packed with people as early as 5pm!
The bartender was so busy , they don't even have time to stop making martinis .

At night , after dinner at city hall's Shokudo

Farewell to sis's colleague , all of them are very nice to talk to , mainly from Myanmar , Indonesia , Singapore & Malaysia .

Japanese Red Bean Cheese cake & Tofu cheesecake !
I heart the tofu cheesecake so much I can't get enough :(

2 nights ago was having dinner at Farrer Park's Anjappar before headed to Mustafa with my sis .

The food was good , the rice was spicy it made me sweat and my flu came along with it :S

Had Briyani rice with turkey meat and Butter Chicken gravy .

Some random claypot rice I had at Jurong .

The place I tweezed my eyebrow , the lady (originally from Ipoh) did a good job for me . =D
30sgd didn't go to waste * Thumbs up*

Had this pancake rolls for breakfast , got 4 flavours ... cheese , greentea , red bean and one more I forgot what lol ..

Cute peach drink I had just now at Shokudo.

Po lo Bun + pork meat inside from Crystal Jade Bakery , their signature bun . I still prefer the original ones without pork meat inside .

I tried also the soft shell crab vegetable thingy something like cucur udang , it was nice but too oily ...

more updates soon . time to sleep .

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