Singapore 2009!
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Finally I have the time to blog a little about my trip .
Since the camera is loaded with about 500 pictures now , I figured if I don't start posting a few pictures now I won't have time to blog .
No , I don't post all my pictures here if not it'll take ages .
So far it has been good , I enjoyed everything here.

I met a new friend on the plane , Adeline from Kuching , studying at KBU...also on holidays to find her bf at SG =D

few of the foods I ate here ... just some pictures lazy to upload all =S

I dunno what is this that I ate but it is one of their signature dim sum

Deer meat sesame pau
3.20 sgd for 2

Everything is made of greentea!
Green tea ice blended drinks , mine was with butterscotch
tiramissu and cheesecake
25 sgd but it was worth it =D

Suntec City Koi Garden

Tony Romas Singapore

Our mocktails...

The signature dish of Tony Romas that can't be found in Malaysia : Pork Ribs!
Best in America and its so awesome you just can't have enough .
Whole dinner cost us 70+sgd

After dinner , went to the Esplanade and watched a live performance by a band .
Very nice songs including Pink - so what , Katy Perry - Hot & Cold , Chris Brown - With you etc

At Sentosa

Cafe Del Mar during Daytime


Sis & I

Waiting to buy tickets...

I managed to touch real sharks and stingrays hehe i can't reach the starfish :(

I heart sea angels , they have wings and 2 horns just like the devil!

This is real , but dead .

This is still alive ...

Underwater world...

Fish fighting...


Love this picture.




I wish I can squeeze this jelly fish!

Naughty Monkey...

Going to the dolphin lagoon...

3 pink dolphins performed .

very intelligent mammal , and cute...they're even trained to wave at the public =S

Before song of the sea starts ,

Cool effects , I really enjoyed the show..

Ended with lots of fireworks display..

Cafe Del Mar at night..


Very nice place eh?


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