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My english lecturer seriously has issues with us .
I mean the entire class .
We hate her to the core , but yeah ... we know she definately hate us DAMN much too.

Because , we are not communicating with her since weeks ago .
The moment she enter the class , we just couldn't bother to talk to her .
If we talk , she'll ask us to get out of the class .
We can't voice our opinions .
Her class is just so boring , so is she .

and definately the reason we attended her class is only because of our attendance .
Thanks to her , I wasn't absent last tuesday , and she marked me as absent which pisses me off .

Imagine , having to attend her boring class for the sake of attendance and got marked absent .

Whats worst? She is giving us really low grades for our english paper!

Almost all of us got like 20++ /40 for english!

I got 26/40.

Which converted , I got only 13/20 .

Highest I think only 15/20?

Curse her .

Even our french is better than our english now?

Definately she's using our marks to take revenge on us!

Anyways ,

Yesterday after that hell moment , I went to Sunway Pyramid with the girls and we had Tony Romas for our dinner after deciding what to eat by flipping the coin =S

Started out with a french loaf + garlic paste

My Swiss cheese burger .
the filling includes bacon , ham , smoked chicken , melted cheese , tomato , onions and accompanied with french fries and honey mustard . Yums .

Super filling until I can't finish my bread and my fries .

Bev and Denise had the same burger .
It was some beef burger I guess . =P forgot the name .

The four type of sauces . Yummy . My favourite was the honey .

and then Bev challenged Denise to eat dessert after the very filling dinner .

We shopped a bit , and I got myself a very handy travel holder from Roxy =)
since I'll be travelling soon , and it's so inconvenient to carry so many things when I'm out
and few other stuffs .

So after our shoppings , we went to Michealangelo for desserts ...

This tiramissu contains Kahlua , tasted not bad but still not the best .

Chocolate brownies , it was okay ... but yes , still not the best . =S

Wish I could blog longer , but I got so many other stuffs to do now before leaving at 5am for Malacca later .

Till then .

Tu Me Manque :(

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