Malacca .
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Finally I have time to blog about last weekend .
Been busy with school and stuffs , I had another finals paper for Food and Beverage theory today .
Didn't manage to study much for it , I kinda lost my concentration and everytime I open the book ,
I'll close it after 10 minutes , and head to bed because I'm just too tired .

Anyways , I think it wasn't that bad .
I think I managed to do that 60% paper .
By just writing my own logics :S

Then accounts class got cancelled .
Persuaded english lecturer to cancel her class too .
So she cancelled and I'm home early today =)

Last friday night , went to Asia Cafe with Bev , Loh and Daniel for dinner .
Bev told me a very suprising dream of hers that is about me and someone .
It seems so real , yet its so scary.
After that , we went to Rainforest for shisha , before heading to Republic again for a drink until 3am .

Then , head to Alif Mamak since the guys wanted to eat roti canai , seated there until 4 am ,
just before Bev and I decided to leave , the guys made up their mind to follow us to Malacca .

Loh made a terrible sin haha , and end up following us to Malacca =S haha last minute plan is always fun .

So 5.30am Bev & I was waiting for Rebekah and Ray before leaving to Shell to meet Loh and Daniel there .

By 7am we reached Malacca , and we had dimsum for breakfast . Yums .
After breakfast , we went to search for hotels . After like 10 hotels , we decided to stay at a hotel named Hotel 96 . We got 2 rooms with a connecting door , the convenience of going over to the other room is <3>

Denise's housewarming gift from us .

Rebekah's RM150 dress for her birthday present .

Monday was spent doing this homework at Gloria Jean SP ...

Malacca's pic , random placings ...

Shopping malls posers =P

Bev and Rebekah's scared of fish moments ...

Managed to sit on it , like at 12 am =) fun !

Pineapple tarts

Japanese Crepe cake ! Its made of layers of crepe and it tasted like heaven! RM9.50 per slice , and each bite of it is worth it ! I still wonder how they do it ...

Asam Pedas fish , made me teared .. lol...

Breakfast , dim sums

Chicken rice balls

Cendols from two different shops

BabaNyonya Dinner

50 sticks of pork and chicken satay ,
then continue with dunno how many sticks of satay celups .

Laksas and nasi lemak

We had food marathon which costs us RM200 per person just on food
and only about RM150 for other expenses in 2 days .

Was fun indeed =) didn't expect to try out the japanese crepe , it was awesome I'm craving for more , 5 is not enough! sigh .

My next trip is in 2 weeks time , I'm excited =)


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