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I felt like time passes so fast lately , don't know why but yea its already Sunday today .

2 more weeks of school and I'm off for a vacation =)

can't wait . Oh no . Exams first , why am I thinking about holidays now ? =S

Friday night was spent hanging out with the usual bunch at AC for dinner . Then , we went to a place called The Joint for a drinking session because the guys as usual , wanted to shisha ... that place gave us a total culture shock moment.

Why? All the Africans are there , no locals . Only us , and the friggin rude manager .

Super rude to us when we wanted to move the table , he made a fuss out of it .

When we place our order , he made a fuss again! WTF him .

and a mineral water cost RM10 , Soft drinks? RM14 !

I ordered Baileys that cost me 2 times the price of the normal ones , and yet the portion is like..not even half of the normal glass ok . Damn frustrated .

I swear I'll never go there anymore . Ain't worth it at all .

Later that , we went back to fetch Denise out before heading to AC again for another drinking session .

Met up with Siosen and Junyip there , headed home at 4 am.

Oh , I watched Fever Pitch and it made me laughed like hell but it was a sweet love movie .


Yesterday I went to The Curve with Rebekah and bought myself some stuffs from Ikea

We had our brunch at Winter Warmers .

My Butter Lemon Fish and Rebekah's Baked Macaroni

Its our first time there , seriously the food and beverages are good =)

Had fun chit-chatting then we went to check out the flea markets there

Nothing much to buy , most things are still the same ... and I got myself a new anklet =D

Just a simple one with swavroski crystals .

Anyways , after that I went to Mutiara Damansara for haircut .

My first time at that saloon , owned by Rebekah's friend .

When we reached there , the entire saloon was all to us . lol nice .

I had the longest hair washing session there , like an hour!

After my haircut , at Michealangelo .

After my haircut , we went to Pavillion for a walk .

Had our dinner at Michealangelo .

The environment there is total different with the one at Sunway Pyramid .

Service was good .

Ambience was perfect .

Same goes for the food .

But , the price is a total turn off . =S

Our very filling dinner

Because , I noticed they served the same menu (not all items) at Sunway Pyramid , and Pavillion is charging like 2-3 times more .

Bought myself a limited edition Jason Mraz Cd =)

and I still couldn't find a book , last published in 1988 and its not in publish anymore .

The Book of Ingredients .

Hopefully the people in Times bookstore will get to find it for me .

& Today was spent doing house chores , accompany Rebekah to fix her car then went to Puchong for brunch at a place I used to go , too bad no more sau nyuk :(

After that , Tesco to stock up my water and food supply at home before heading for a car wash .

5 minutes after the car wash , it rained =P

Haha . What a luck .


There’s nothing I can say to you
Nothing I could ever do to make you see
What you mean to me
All the pain the tears I cried
Still you never said goodbye and now I know how far you’d go.

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