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I miss Jason Mraz's concert tonight
sad to say , but I really like his songs ... and would definately go to his concert if it wasn't for serving class tonight whereby , I'm the bartender :) . Sigh .
Why must his concert falls on a wednesday night anyways?

Hui Wen , the girl whom I witnessed breaking 3 glasswares in 5 hours ( she's just excited ) during our bartending session just now got phonecalls during our service and pretty much let me enjoyed the concert through phone call =D

She gave me traumas so I lied to my lecturer , Mr Tayboon ( the head of FnB department) that I'm sick haha when I'm not ( in a joking way la )
Because he was sick , so he taught me how to do Ginger Coke and we shared it haha
he explained to me the history of ginger coke when I was making the drink
& I didn't know you can use spoon to peel off ginger skin like how he taught me !
Damn sakai here ...

But yeah , I'm still happy because today I learnt so much :) ,
here are the few interesting ones that I'm sharing .

I learnt about Types of Pastas and how to go about mix and match them with sauces...
Fetuccini , Angel Hair , Spaghetti , Macaroni , Penne , Groocchi , Farfalle , Spiroli , Fusilli , Linguini , Cannelloni , Tagliatelle , Ravioli , Tortellini , ...
The sauces and types of pastas you cook with determines how much you get to eat , as in the fillings that goes with your pasta ..
so people , when you buy your own pasta at the supermarket don't just buy any kind( the shape) that you think is cute now because you have to match them with the right sauces to get the maximum of it lol =P

I learnt that Thailand people never use chopstick .
Used to be , I mean olden days , because to them using a chopstick means you're very Asianized , and using a fork and spoon you're counted Westernized ...

I knew that we have 5 methods of cooking an egg , but the Americans have 6!
Basted Eggs is invented by the Americans
Basically , you have an egg in a pan , pour a little water in , and you cover the pan ...
you will have cooked egg whites and half done egg yolk ... =S

Omelette .
I learnt that Egg white Omelette is the hardest to make .
And I would love to try it someday =D

In Indonesia , Nasi Lemak is called " Nasi Gemuk ".
so don't eat nasi lemak anymore if you don't want to be gemuk :) haha

McDonald's Ice cream contains chicken fats .
So have you ever wonder , why their ice creams are so smooth?

At hotels , Porridge = oatmeal Congee = rice porridge
To avoid confusion among guests from overseas .

When cooking egg dishes , never use silverware to serve .
why? because egg contains sulphur that will make your silverwares turn black .

Pizza Margarita is the first pizza invented in Italy .
It also the most basic pizza ever invented .

Sar Hor Fun , which is famous in Ipoh got its name because of
Ipoh's river is sandy in texture , a good water mineral..

Never order chicken rice in hotels , at night ... because it is not fresh .
This is because chicken rice is never served warm , especially when it uses the ice cold bath method to stop its cooking process .

The Aglio Olio sauce is the simplest yet the hardest sauce to cook for pasta .
Why? Because with other sauces you can control the taste by covering it up with other things
but with this , you only have olive oil + garlic ... the cook has to control the taste , heat , and temperature so that the garlic won't burn but has this sweet taste which means perfection .
So at hotels / restaurants normally they recruit chefs by testing them to cook this sauce if the restaurant serve italian food of course .

So this is just part of what I learn everyweek , everyweek is a different thing ... but this week learnt more ... and these are few of the really interesting ones apart from others ... every wednesday learn hell lots of food knowledge and of course , beverages =S

I got 20/20 for Law's 2nd Role play today , I'm happy because its a one week preparation thing
and as usual , we don't have time so only practiced once..
and the end result was really :)

My presentation tools , funny :)

Besides that , I have a sudden trip to look forward to this weekend . Malacca :)
& supposedly , Ipoh next weekend ... but there's sudden changes in plans ... so it's unconfirm..

and Today I learnt about Tea again! but it's Chinese Tea...organised by DC31 students..
learnt the art of tea making...courtesy of Purple Cane Tea House .
I took the video of it , but lazy to post them haha .
and I tried a type of oolong tea , that cost RM105 for 100gram , crazy? haha =S Very fragrant indeed !

last term we learnt about the making of Dilmah Tea ( I'm sure most of you heard of this famous tea brand ) organised by the Dilmah Supplier in Sri Langka and Taylors College.
English tea brands that they produced are famous and always used in restaurants and hotels .

and My attendance for this term , suprisingly .. this is one of my best yet horrible record ( missed 2 weeks ++ ) since I joined Taylors College in July 2007 , I can't even imagine during term 2 I missed a month's class but it wasn't recorded in my file I think ? =D

For your information , Taylors is very strict with attendance , 3 times of absent and you'll see a letter at home telling your parents that you are not attending classes regularly and such ... but so far I haven't gotten any :)

Imagine paying such an expensive amount of school fees and missing classes .

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