Enjoyable weekend!
Monday, March 2, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Just got back from another role play practice for this coming wednesday =) ... it was fun laughing...
wonder how we'll perform this wednesday?

Last weekend was enjoyable , just spent my time resting at home..watching Gossip Girls season 2 ... oh boy I dislike the ending..
and on saturday night went to O-Circle and Republic for drinking session with Denise & Beverley ...
at O -circle the singers sing all my favourite songs , unexpectedly it was very packed that night...

Then at Republic ,
The DJ that night was awesome....love all the songs...makes your body just can't stop moving =D
when we left 3 of us was "deaf" already haha and it was raining AGAIN!

and there was this bunch of indonesians guys with a girl ( super fat! but can dance! ) studying at Sunway University College came to ask us for our number...and Denise was like , Sunway and Taylors are rivals! Hahaha (in a joking way of course , we got friends from Sunway also hahaha =P )

Sunday was spent out with Beverley , shopping for toys =P and a vase for my potpourri...it was fun ... we had our dinner at Michealangelo ... Fnb student like us , everyweek sure try out different restaurants =)

later that , Daniel and Sean joined us after our dinner , went to accompany them to have their dinner at Carls Junior , Fad came and ate 2 Carls jr burger!
Sean said that guy ever ate 5 burgers at Burger King at once! Praise him man..can eat so much lol

Then we went to watch Role Play ! hell funny movie...its a bit dirty and also stupid at the same time =D

I felt like a kid again! I saw this really nice white drawer box (supposedly) at one of the shop...then I decided to buy it...for decoration purpose...I took out the compartment and I decided to buy these little small toys which cost me RM40 to put it in as decoration...really love it...=D

My Music box that I bought weeks ago , the music was playing my all time favourite song
Somewhere Over The Rainbow .

I know the box has that thing written Happy Birthday , but this box is like the nicest one there...and I like those little cute hearts so =D

Thats all folks =) .

Coincidence? Do you believe in them? Because I do . It always happen .

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