Saturday, February 28, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

" I guess it is built to last after all "

Got back my mid term French Paper yesterday , 40/50 ...I'm thankful I still get that result with my last minute - lost motivation study attitude , and the whole french thing never seem to get any easier ... I myself am suprised to get that result when I got my paper back . =D

Finished watching Edith Piaf true story movie yesterday too , La MoMe .. it was a french movie ...she's a famous singer in France , that got herself into deep trouble when she started taking drugs like 10 injections a day ... in the end she died..the storyline was somehow confusing due to using flashbacks but overall the movie was good...

I'm waiting for April now . Really looking forward to get my hands on something that I'm craving now , problem is its still unrelease and its like so long again ... =S patience...hmm..


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