1st Year Experience Dinner .
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After our food promotion , which was 2 weeks ago ... we thought we finally can breathe easy because its finally over , but no! we went to school the following week and our lecturer was like saying we have another dinner to organise which is in exactly 2 weeks times !


and yes so it happened last night! Us seniors had to served them juniors , but overall we had so much fun ... same as food promotion , just that its even better! Haha , because the students + lecturers + programme directors ( like 150+ of us ) were present and the restaurant was so packed until we can't even move around properly to serve and with our hyper - crazy attitude during the serving it all became such a memorable and fun experience !

even our lecturers complimented us all for our efforts , because despite being all busy and all that somemore food promotion just over we managed to make this event a huge success in such a short time...everyone was so happy =)

of course , this time having to work with room division students + also the culinary art students ( always will) haha ...things gets crazier than it usually is =P

This is made of rice ..

Opening by DH27 seniors , performed drumming opening using kitchenwares =) very creative ...

Menu for the day ...

We also have fashion shows that night organised by Ms Charmaine and Ms Jasmine ... go with the catwalks models! haha , some really funny walk like dunno how then made everyone laughed.... these are only part of the models ..actually got more than 20 of them..

Before dinner ,
Karl -Kyle-Bev-Me-Jeff-Melvin-Chris

Part of the models and lecturers ...

Mr Patrick and Mr Tayboon...
Mr patrick was being funny yesterday , asked me about boyfriend =S
and I was like...Huh? Nah , single now and then his response is very funny too..
He said this : " The one will come soon "
which made me go like " Heh , ya right ...thats so random "
Then after 10 mins , Qudeen was doing some funny stun in front of me when we're at the bar...Mr patrick saw it then he was like " Qudeen , what are you doing ? Trying to impress her? "
Qudeen was like " ? blur .. "
then Mr Patrick go like : " No la! She's not impress with you YET~!"
and then Qudeen's response was " Ya , Yet ! " lol
Then I just looked at both of them , laughed out loud and walked off =D
Really funny to think of it .

I look so small here...=S
RD students , ambassadors haha =P

Back of the house , culinary art students...I never see the kitchen so packed , like the whole kitchen is used up just for the event...like 100+ students inside?

Our emcees for the night , Mr Alex & Ms Ruth! They both rock =)

She danced last night , really hot shaking her booties hahahaha

See the monkeys that I had to serve during the dinner..hahaha really fun to talk to them...very talkative and random people...
There's games that involve having to pass around the golden egg and when it reaches someone's hand and it stopped then that person had to do stupid acts in front ... those monkeys was like... wanting to pass me the egg and before they do so I moved away haha!!

Then Mr Tayboon got it , hahaha we pranked him...and he called all of us DH28 , group one student of his to go on stage with him to do something stupid with him , and we are smart enough to act dumb doing our servings hahahaha so end up he had to go on stage alone dancing !! Hahahaha

Some had to do cat walks =P hahaha one of them is Janice =) haha , Siosen had to dance with one of the lecturers on stage because he pulled her up hahaha

Then another game is like , the juniors have to go to one of the seniors and get their socks ... that time these monkeys is like keep asking me to take off my socks for them..like wth..hahahahaha but I didn't =P haha

Oh! and theres like 15 lecturers involved in dancing CHICKEN DANCE ON STAGE! I swear it was so funny that everyone had so much laughter taking videos and pictures .... especially seeing your own lecturers that is normally strict and serious at school humiliating themselves...I think the videos are on youtube now hahahahaha!

I took the videos but yeah didn't managed to capture the whole thing , my camera battery died on me at the wrong time !

The monkeys even asked me if I will perform that night , which obviously I won't then they go like...aiyah wasted ..LOL...in returned... after the chicken dance 100++ of students and lecturers including us servers dancing on the stage .... doing the chicken dance...hahaha...got Ms Kartina as choreographer somemore...we pulled all the juniors up on stage to dance and obviously I pulled those monkeys up there...haha it was so much fun seeing everyone enjoying themselves .

In the end after the clearing up of the event , Mr Tayboon told us how touched is he , complimented us on our performance and he said luckily the stage didn't collapse ! LOL...

LOL...one for the album , pictures of the monkeys =P

I still am waiting for pictures from other sources... =)

English presentation is over for me , I presented about Medical Tourism in Malaysia ... I don't know how well did I performed yet but yeah it was done last minute , my slides was only prepared this morning after the event is over =S

After class , I went home to get myself ready and went to Sunway Pyramid to meet Leslie , Mary , and a new friend Roger ... which happens to know Daniel , Sean & Fad ..
then because I didn't join Daniel and Sean for movie , went to Delifrance to meet them for a short chit-chatting session before headed to try out a new restaurant ...

O-Circle ...

Mary & Roger

Leslie & I

Lazy to post food pictures =P haha!

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