Relaxing , yet tiring weekend.
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Well so over the weekends , after that outing in sunway pyramid... I decided to go out and have dinner with Loh , Edvart , Brian & Daniel . I was too tired to go actually , but Loh threaten me by saying if I don't go , the whole plan is cancel so yeah =S ...I had fun also so its okay =D

Went to picked Brian up first from Taman Sea , then went all the way to Chulan Square for dinner..and its already 9pm when we reached . We went to Hadramawt ( the restaurant that has the best yemenian food in town ) , but yup , their main purpose of going there is also for shisha . Daniel has been shishaing like as if there's no tommorow , haha =P every single day shisha...shisha..

see the price , instead of rm9 its

When this thing came , our eyes opened so's Loh and Brian's plate each...
whats so special? it is actuall 1/2 kg rice each plate ! and Loh finished them all by himself + a bowl of salad!!

My lamb ...with the rice and gravy , I couldn't finish..the portion is huge...

Daniel and Edvart ordered the same thing , chicken fillet or something..look like those arabian steak haha...but according to them , its not filling =S

Nah , after dinner shisha time..the view was really nice , and suprisingly that night got fireworks...for like 10 minutes ... :)

I'm so short :(

They had to sit down and take pic with me

I look so much taller like this hahaha...

So after that , we left around 12 am...and went to Asia cafe , again...because that 4 Mr. is hungry...they ate so fast that I'm glad finally at 2am I get to go home...reached home , bathed and collapsed till next day 12+pm...

went over to Juju's house to do law I was the leader , seated there do powerpoint while giving ideas , teaching and explaining...and we did our role play practice! it was damn funny I had so much laughter in that 5 hours .

That night I came home , wanting to do my assignment but end up , I didn't till the next day , onlined until 3am...and woke up at 12+pm....

Started doing my english 40 articles assignments...was flipping newspaper practically like 8 hours yesterday ... the pile of newspapers....had to cut and paste each and everyone of it ... plus all the extra work has contributed to my absent for french class which started at 8am today just because I overslept like 15 mins? hehe . Oh well , I'm glad I submmited it already .

So yesterday was chap goh mei & Thaipusam replacement holiday , after 8 hours of flipping newspaper I was out for dinner with another 8 east malaysians ( all taylorians except kelvin and daniel ) haha and 1 indonesian...had our dinner at was great , just sitting down chit- chatting and enjoying our dinner...the dinner was really filling ... and I shopped a bit after everything .

9 of us , two can't see la at the back ... =O

My favourite Calamari !

Bev watching me eat =S

My main course , chicken fillet ... with "bushes" hahaha very nice =)

My favourite dessert , cookies and cream ... but too bad I didn't finish it , too full!

Caught Daniel watching tv / posing hahaha

Yeah , on a monday you ask for more fridays ... but problem is , monday is holiday for me not friday! ... So I rather it to be " Thank God its Monday".

" Thank god :) "

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